Jewish women in leadership is a very important aspect of our community life. Rebbetzin Lisa Septimus talks about the role of women in various leadership positions within the shul and the community. She also discusses various ways to make women feel more comfortable coming to shul. Rebbetzin Lisa is the Yoetzet Halacha of the Five Towns. She is also the Rebbetzin of Young Israel of North Woodmere, and a Judaic Studies Teacher at North Shore Hebrew Academy High School in Great Neck, New York. She talks about the responsibilities of a Yoetzet Halacha, and how having a woman in this position is helpful for other women in the community. Lastly, Rebbetzin Lisa addresses ways that women can meet each other and make friends as adults. (It’s a lot easier to make friends when you are a kid, but this interview has some creative ways to connect to others as an adult.)

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Vera Kessler is a wife and mother of three children whose goal in life is to inspire Jewish women to live their lives with meaning and a strong connection to Hashem. As a vehicle for this mission, she created the America's Top Rebbetzins podcast, where she interviews inspiring rebbetzins who share their words of wisdom and unique insights on living a life filled with clarity and purpose.