Prestigious Kosher Winery Spills 1,000 Gallons of Boutique Wines in Tithing Ceremony

"Just as the more income tax you pay, the more profit you made, likewise, the more wine you pour out, the more wine you made."

Ohr Torah Stone Launches Jewish Education Grants to Small European Communities

The first recipients of the grant will help strengthen seven small European communities in Helsinki, Finland; Riga, Latvia; Oslo, Norway; and Warsaw, Szczecin and Wroclaw, Poland.

Malmo’s Jews Haven’t Disappeared By Any Means

Malmo's Jews haven’t disappeared by any means, to judge by the crowd that showed up last month for the Chanukah Menorah lighting in the city square.

Exclusive: Kindness for Holocaust Survivor Cecile Low, z’l, Results in Mystery, History & Joyous...

"Her closest relatives are in Israel. We can't find them. They may never have met, but they are her closest kin." We need to find them . . .

WATCH: Siyum HaShas for English Speakers in Israel

There are 2,711 pages in the entire set of tractates of Talmud. It between seven to seven and a half years to complete the cycle of studying them all.

‘Mental Illness Does Not Excuse Anti-Semitic Violence’

"People are not sleeping, and they are having flashbacks to previous incidents of being attacked for “just being Jewish.”

‘We Cannot Allow This to Become the New Normal’

“We light up the world with acts of goodness and kindness. That’s the essence of Chanukah, and that is the antidote to hatred and bigotry.”

WATCH: Russian Jews ‘Party’ After Lighting Chanukah Menorah in Moscow’s Red Square

This is the 30th year that the Chanukah menorah is being lit in Moscow’s public square, itself a massive miracle.

Interior Ministry: Only 37.5% of Olim Not Jewish

The data the Authority published today about the Jewish identity of olim reflects the fact that some of them have been converted in Israel.

WATCH: US Rep. Rashida Tlaib ‘Celebrates Jewish Independence’ in Chanukah Message’, Says Israel Advocacy...

"Rashida’s celebrating Jewish independence in Judea by describing the Jews that live there as occupiers."

PM Benjamin & Sara Netanyahu: ‘Mazel Tov, Moshe, on Your Bar Mitzvah!’

"May always be faithful to your people, your country and your family, and continue with a good and happy life."

Auctioned: Bergen Belzen Beit Din’s Register of Deceased Spouses to Prevent Agunot/Agunim

The register provides jarring evidence about all the events of the Holocaust and its horrors: actions and selections; ghetto liquidation and death marches; gas chambers and crematoria; death by starvation and shooting, and so much more.

Rabbinical Court Won’t Recognize as Jewish an Infant Born from Undisclosed Jewish Egg Donor

Israeli surrogacy law states that one of the conditions for egg donation is that the donor and recipient be both of the same faith, to avoid future doubts about the child's status.

Updated: Satmar Rebbe Arrives in Israel for 10-Day Visit

Regarding traffic, police said, “We urge the public to heed police instructions and above all, be patient.”

Geriatric Doctor Rabbi Yosef Glassman Still Fighting NJ’s Right-to-Die Law

Doctors who refuse to participate in the NJ mercy killing law are compelled to pass on their patient’s case to another doctor who is willing to assist the patient.

Biggest Shabbat Project Ever Included Jews in 1,685 Cities, 106 Countries

From November 15-16, the 7th annual international Shabbat Project outdid its predecessors on all fronts, attracting record numbers of participants.

Only in Israel: Radio Host Rescues a Southern Chuppah

The bride began to cry, realizing her wedding would need to be postponed ...

Jewish Grave in Hartford, CT Found Empty, Filled with Water, Dead Chickens

The Major Crimes and Crime Scene Division of Hartford Police is taking the lead in the investigation.

Chief Rabbinate Forbids Using Origin, Skin Color, to Determine Jewish Status

The Li Bar workers protested this humiliation, and the management objected to the procedure, calling it "shaming parade."

Rabbi Steinberg Brings Christians, Muslims, Jews to Vatican to Say No to Assisted Suicide

The person behind the declaration initiative is Rabbi Avraham Steinberg of Israel who proposed the idea to Pope Francis, who in turn entrusted it to the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life.

Historic First: All Monotheistic Faiths Sign Document Dedicated to Value of Life

Joining in this position paper were representatives of Sunni Muslims from Indonesia and of the Greek Orthodox Church, as well as from other faiths around the world.

Global Jewry Marks First Year Anniversary of Massacre at Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proclaimed Sunday, October 27, a Day of Action to Combat Antisemitism to honor victims of the attack.

Arab Converted by Rabbi Karelitz Jailed by Palestinian Authority Since Yom Kippur

"The man's grandfather saved 26 Jews in the 1929 pogrom in Hebron. Now that he is in danger, we have a historic obligation to help him."

Morgan Stanley’s New ‘Jewish Values Tool Kit’ Has Nothing to Say About Usury

The "Jewish values" they're obviously looking for is your tax-deductible wealth, which they pursue with some generalized notion of what Jewish values actually mean.

Yad L’Achim Urges Religious Parties to Demand Tough Anti-Missionary Legislation

"In the past 19 years, more Jews have converted to Christianity than in the 1,900 years before that," the missionaries claimed.

Jewish Caucus, Chabad, Announce First-Ever Sukkah at New York City Hall

Organizing the project was a real team effort, according to Jewish Caucus Chairman Chaim Deutsch.

New Center to Grapple with Torah and Technology, Aims to be an International Resource

A newly established research center at the Jerusalem College of Technology seeks to answer pivotal religious questions, such as: Can you send Alexa voice commands on Shabbat?

WATCH: Avinu Malkenu Sung from the Ari Fuld Lookout in Oz VeGaon Forest

The video clip shows the magnificent panorama of the Judean Hills as seen from the Ari FUld Lookout in the Oz VeGaon Forest.

Terrorists Attack IDF Soldiers, Worshipers at Joseph’s Tomb

Despite the attacks by terrorists, some 1,000 worshipers were able to pray at the Tomb "on time," the IDF said.

Rabbi Karelitz, Head of Bnei Brak Rabbinical Court, Hospitalized – Prayers Requested

The public is asked to pray for the immediate, complete recovery of Rav Shmaryahu Yosef Nissim ben Batya.


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