Explosive: Health Ministry to Permit IVF to Agunot

The halachic world, which is still debating the idea of IVF itself, will not take kindly to this decision.

Exciting Conclusion to the International Bible Contest

What are the first mentions of oil and honey in the Bible?

Yivo’s ‘Am Yisrael High’ Exhibition Claims Biblical, Talmudic Cannabis References

In interviews, Glassman repeats the claims of many Israeli stoners that the “kneh bossem” mentioned in several places in the Bible is a reference to cannabis.

Watch: The Priestly Blessing at the Kotel, Chol Ha’Moed Pesach 5782

All things considered, we could be watching the arrival of our redeemer, God willing, right on YouTube.

Get Refuser Who Masqueraded as Haredi to Flee Israel Starts Serving 17 Months

After four years abroad, seeing as there no longer was a reason for him to stay away, he came home. And was arrested.

Yamina Health Committee Chairwoman Threatens to Oust Minister Horowitz over Chametz Decision

To be fair, Horowitz did not initiate the move to let chametz into Israeli hospitals.

Zionism Today: Mikhail Prokhorov (Worth $11.4 Billion) Makes Aliyah

"Kremlin leaders gave him what amounts to an insiders’ opportunity to buy one of the state's most valuable assets."

Sovereignty Where It Counts: A Bris in Homesh

The name given to the newborn is Sinai Ahiad.

Exclusive Interview with UAE Senior Rabbi

Israeli President Isaac Herzog and his wife Michal met with representatives of the UAE Jewish community on the first evening of their two-day visit to the Gulf State.

Yeshiva University Unveils $50,000 Sacks Book Prize to Inspire Jewish Thought

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks “believed in the power of the written word. Presenting a literary award in his honor is an important recognition of his commitment to the flourishing of the Jewish bookshelf.”

Ponevezh Rosh Yeshiva: Must Keep Abuse Cases Away from the Media

Naturally, Rabbi Edelstein's call requires a rabbinic and social system within the Haredi society that is willing and able to treat reports of abuse seriously.

Samaria Regional Council Advises Parents on Explaining Chaim Walder’s Suicide to Children

"Remember – an inclusive and safe response will help children process content in a beneficial way."

Compendium of Scholarly Articles Launched in Tribute to Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

“While Rabbi Riskin defended halachic practice without compromise, he succeeded in revealing religion’s beauty to countless Jews."

Convicted Rapist Continues to Deny his Wife a Get

Yad La’Isha legal aid center demands increased sanctions in jail, convict relents.

Not a Book Club: 100 Women Complete Daf Yomi’s Tractate Taanit

"Knowing that so many others were doing it with me created a sense of excitement and encouraged me to continue until the finish line.”

American Airlines Ejected Jewish Couple Who Refused to Place Tallit Bag Under Seat

“Nobody said a word. Nobody defended us. It was embarrassing,” the wife related.

A Great Miracle Happened Here, and in Arab Lands

In recent years, Yad L’Achim has been operating among Jews living in Arab countries and Arabic-speaking Jews around the world.

Bar-Ilan U Scholar Wins Award for Book on Early Resistance to Rashi’s Torah Commentary

“Rashi’s Commentary may have shaped Judaism and the Jewish people more than any other work except the Bible and the Talmud.”

Chief Rabbi Clashing with Religious Services Minister on Kashrut Reform, Women Supervisors

Minister Kahana (Yamina) is laboring to replace both Haredi Chief Rabbis with Religious Zionist ones, but there's a serious catch.

And Now for Something Completely Different: Yair Lapid May Be Tied to Messianic Jews

A request for comment from Yesh Atid was refused on the grounds that this is a personal matter. Well, yes and no.

New Program Brings Halakhic Study to Women around the World

Religious women sometimes felt uncomfortable approaching rabbis, opting to either ask the question through a male messenger or not ask the question at all.

Sovereignty Movement Congratulates Bennett on Unambiguous Position on Jerusalem

Bennett said that “there is no place for an American consulate that serves the Palestinians in Jerusalem.”

Ma’agar Mochot Survey Shows 52% Reject Reform Section Compromise at the Kotel

There are some hard numbers about the Reform in Israel, and they're quite low.

Yeshiva University Establishes Rabbi Jonathan Sacks Center for Values and Leadership 

The center will be dedicated to the dissemination of his leadership lessons and values in classrooms, communities and through public discussion.

Kashrut Reform Approved by Knesset Committee; Opposition MKs: Dark Day for Judaism

Minister Kahana thanked the committee members and its chairman, MK Yulia Malinowski, for the in-depth discussions of the kashrut program.

Israeli Group Traps Serial Groom Turned Get Refuser, Forces Him to Give a Get

Her husband managed to divorce his fourth wife, granting her a get after securing a bribe of $50,000.

2021 Shabbat Project Roared Back with Record Participation Despite Pandemic

In its ninth year, The Shabbat Project surpassed all pre-COVID levels of involvement, with 1,166 citywide “unity events” and thousands of home-based events in more than 1,500 cities.


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