Mall Rebellion: Store Owners Defy Guidelines, Stay Open on Shabbat

The Haredi parties' complain that while the Health Ministry's regulations are leaving large sectors of the public open, synagogues are forced to operate in a limited way.

Israelis Barred from Breslov Pilgrimage to Uman This Upcoming Rosh Hashana-Yom Kippur

“This has nothing to do with politics or anti-Semitism,” and we reject any claims which try to present it as such.”

Rachelle Fraenkel: Hamas Sought to Curse Israel But Blessed Us Instead

“In a problematic situation, when it is possible to be so critical, it is important to find the good, to connect with it, to love it, to increase it and then let it grow and look at reality,” Fraenkel said.

European Rabbis Providing Tefillin to Needy Jews in Project Funded by Rami Levi

The Center for European Rabbis announced the campaign in memory of their friend Rabbi Benjamin Wolff, rabbi of Hanover, Germany, who died of complications COVID-19.

Sanzer Rebbe Hospitalized, Recovering After Mild Heart Attack

The public is being asked to please continue prayers for the complete recovery of Rabbi Zvi Elimelech ben Chaya Nechama.

Chief Rabbi to PM: Open Our Synagogues At Once

This week's unprecedented heat wave, with temperatures rising to 114 degrees Fahrenheit even along the shore, hasn't helped things.

Arsonists Torch Queen Esther & Mordechai’s Historic Tomb in Hamedan, Iran

Under the Ayatollahs and the terrorist movements they have spawned, in recent years there have been annual anti-Semitic protests at the holy site."

Zomet Introduces Shabbat Thermometer for Synagogues and Hospitals

The device could be a game-changer in the next step towards reopening shuls on Shabbat.

UK Chief Rabbi: ‘Synagogues Will Not Open for a Long Time’

“We will need to consider which activities to run, who can attend and what the maximum number will be,” said Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis. “Events such as Kiddushim may not be possible for some time.”

’18 for 18′ Initiative a Smashing Success Across Australia, New Zealand this lag B’Omer

According to data analytics, more than 40,000 Jewish people of all ages gathered online for this inspiring event.

LIVE: Lag B’Omer Bonfire and Celebration in Meron

Fifty participants celebrate with the Rebbe of Boyan as he lights the bonfire on Mount Meron; musicians and singers provide music for dancing.

Fauci to Orthodox Jews: Phase in Communal Prayer Incrementally as Virus Restrictions are Lifted

Dr. Anthony Fauci of the White House coronavirus task force, advised incremental steps in re-establishing in-person prayer.

With Synagogues Shuttered, ‘Porch Minyans’ Grow in Brooklyn

While some rabbis have banned the porch minyan on various grounds, week upon week of staying home has started to wear people down, and the phenomenon has increased.

Who By Fire, Who By Water, Who By COVID-19, And Who Gets My Respirator?

I am not familiar, and neither is my rabbi, with a Jewish view that says an older person is deserving of a lesser medical or other attention than a younger person based on their age difference alone.

Cremation of Argentina’s Jewish Coronavirus Victim Sparks Concerns

Orthodox Rabbi Kenneth Brander, the dean of the Israel’s Ohr Torah Stone network of institutions, said while cremation is normally considered a “desecration” in Judaism, if it helps save a life during this time it would be “a mitzvah that the deceased is doing posthumously.”

Tzohar Rabbis Advocate Halachic Sale of New Utensils for Pesach Under Shadow of COVID-19

The sale remains in place until conditions allow for people to go to the mikvah.

Israel’s Social Welfare Department Drafts Colel Chabad for Emergency Effort

The Israeli government tasked Colel Chabad with providing Passover food security for 30,000 households affected by the Coronavirus economic crisis.

UK Will Not Burn Bodies of Jewish Corona Victims After Outcry By Jewish Community

A clause was included in a Parliamentary bill, allowing for families of the deceased to oppose cremation out of religious reasons.

Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron Closed Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s not yet clear how officials will handle the issue of closure with the Islamic prayer times at the site.

Sephardi Rabbis Under Fire for Allowing Zoom Video Seders with Isolated Elderly

Obviously, now it's time for Rabbi Pearl's people at Zomet to come up with a gramma version of Zoom.

Rabbis Call for Half-Day Fast Wed. March 25 on COVID-19

“According to Rabbi Yehoshua, the world was created in Nissan, so Wednesday would be Erev Rosh Hashana, a time for extra prayer.”

Results Are In: American Orthodox/Rightwing Jewry Win Big in the World Zionist Congress

There has been a shift towards the right and Orthodox Jewry that requires a new understanding of who really represents "American Jews."

Friday Afternoon Lecha Dodi @ 5pm

Tonight at candle lighting time, Jews in Israel and around the world will go out to their gardens, porches, and windows to sing Lecha Dodi and Shalom Aleichem together.

Rabbi Riskin Shuts Down All Minyanim in Efrat

Rabbi Riskin also ruled that someone who has been tested for Coronavirus must leave their phone on during Shabbat in case they get the results back.

Health Ministry Reverses Guidelines to Permit Cleansing the Coronavirus Dead

The new guidelines determine that “before being buried, the body must be enclosed in a double wrap of impermeable plastic bags, and only then be brought to burial."

Many Israelis Needlessly Postpone their Infants’ Bris Milahs over Coronavirus Fears

"Contrary to the usual practice of letting the sandak be the family's eldest or a beloved elderly man, now the sandak must be a man under fifty."

Ministry of Health Order Closure of all Men’s Mikvahs

The decision came after consultation with Israel's Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef.

Community Groups Work to Make Megilla Readings Accessible and Safe, Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

"Judaism belongs to all of us and therefore needs to be made accessible to everyone."

Chief Rabbi: Quarantined Patients Should Read the Megillah Aloud for Themselves

"Women are obligated to hear the Megillah reading just like men, which is why a woman under quarantine should be provided with access to a Megillah reading like a man," Rabbi Lau said.


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