Prayer of IDF Soldier Saves Fellow Fighters

Sgt. Major Malchiel ben Yosef was the only one to see the terrorist, because he had turned towards Jerusalem to pray.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu to Hague Judges: ‘You Are Deciding your Own Fate’

"The choice is in your hands. You will not defeat God's word with your judgment, you have no chance."

Tzohar Urges Observing Friday’s 10th of Tevet Fast with the Fighting in Mind

The 10th of Tevet is a day of reflection on the numerous tragedies that have befallen the Jewish people throughout history.

Chief Rabbi Rules: Some of the Hostages in Hamas Captivity Are Dead

This halachic pronouncement carries significant implications for the families of the victims.

‘Global Shortage of Tefillin, Mezuzahs,’ amid ‘Jewish Awakening of the Soul,’ Chabad Says

"We’re seeing an immense amount of people wanting to connect, wanting to double down and leaning into their Jewish identity and practice," said Rabbi Motti Seligson, a spokesman for Chabad.

Netivot United Hatzalah EMT Bride Gets Married with the War as Background

On Sunday evening, the long-awaited moment finally took place in Jerusalem’s Rehavia neighborhood.

Reform Jews Get Snippy on Adult Circumcision Funding in Israel

High Court, Government, clash over financing non-Orthodox adult circumcisions.

53 Former Agunot Celebrate a New Year of Freedom

There's nothing like the joy shared by women who have finally gained their freedom after a long struggle."

1700 Israelis Gather to Hear the Book of Lamentations on Mt. Herod

Herodion is an ancient Jewish fortress and town, the only site named after King Herod the Great.

Does Cultured Meat Count on the Nine days? It’s Spirit vs. Letter of the...

The ruling boosts the status of cultured meat as meat, regardless of whether or not it comes from a slaughtered animal.

Florida Sober Passover Seder to Accommodate Jews in Treatment Centers

“There’s something bittersweet about a Seder for someone on the road to recovery. After all, Passover celebrates liberation from captivity, something an individual in recovery longs to experience."

Released Time Program Distributes Shmurah Matzah to Hundreds of NYC Public School Students

The Released Time program allow for public school students with parental permission to take time during regular school hours to receive religious instruction.

Netanyahu Serves as Sandak (Godfather) at Chief of Staff’s Newborn’s Bris

Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu walked home from the event in honor of Shabbat, a distance of about 1.2 kilometers.

Bar Ilan Professor Solves Age Old Issue: How Big Was the Talmudic Egg?

Bar-Ilan U. Prof. Zohar Amar discovered ancient eggs were smaller than previously believed.

120 New Young Jewish Men at Colel Chabad’s Western Wall Bar Mitzvah

“We are in the year of Hakhel, the Jewish year specifically calling for us to gather together, and there is no more important time for this to happen than today, with all that is going on in Israel.”

Book of Judges Explains Why the Left Continues to Rule Israel

We are now engaged in a historic rebellion against the powers that be.

United Hatzalah to Secure the Miracle Worker Rebbe Reb Elimelech’s Gravesite on his Yahrzeit

The yahrzeit will begin tonight, Monday, the 21st of Adar, March 13, and continues until Tuesday at dusk.

Gafni Pushing Hospital Chametz Ban, Rabbinic Arbitration, AG Objecting

The bill stresses that the chametz provision would not apply to hospitals "in the non-Jewish sector."

Shas Bill: 6 Months in Jail for ‘Improper Behavior’ at the Kotel

The Shas bill will most likely never see the light of day.

United Hatzalah Delegation Rescues Ukrainian Jewish Man from Christian Burial

"Most of our emergencies are usually focused on saving lives, but we help wherever and whenever we can.”

Defective Chip: RZP MKs Who Know Better Slammed by Leftists and Bibi

Please, don’t mess up anymore, RZP lawmakers. No more idle interviews. You don't have to please anyone, you only have to win.

In Russia, ‘Despite the Situation, Permits Were Given’ for a Public Hanukkah Menorah Lighting

A large crowd of people participated in the joyous celebration, even though it was snowing and freezing cold.

Biden Cites the Talmud at Hanukkah Reception while UN Envoy Equates Jews with Terrorists

Also on hand at the reception was Charlie Cytron-Walker, who saved three hostages from a synagogue.

Court Compels YU to Recognize Gay Club

All the way back in 1970, Rav Yosef Ber Soloveitchik called on Yeshiva University to reverse its “non-sectarian” trend.

Historic First: Women Take Israeli State Exam in Jewish Religious Law

Among the subjects tested were Sabbath laws, marriage and divorce, family purity and mourning.

Zoom Slip Reveals Get-Refuser’s Location, Aguna Wife Goes Free

“The court approached this case with patience and understanding," said Attorney Cohen.

Meet Religious Zionist Simcha Rothman, Ben Gvir’s Moderate Ally

“We want to restore the system through evolution, not revolution.”


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