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Doug Goldstein

Periods of high inflation are tricky for investors because people don’t know how much their dollars will be worth in the future.

Today, Doug talks about the two main myths about how to invest when inflation is high:


1. Buying gold – Some people believe that the price of gold goes up during periods of high inflation. But that’s not always true.
2. Buying real estate – Some people think that in times of high inflation it is a good idea to invest in real estate. Doug explains why it is important to be careful that you aren’t buying into a bubble which is reminiscent of the 2008 crash.

Have you considered that being invested in the stock market could be a hedge against inflation? Equities may be a good inflation-fighting strategy since being in the market when inflation is high is “riding the wave” of the money that’s being pumped into the system. But be careful!

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