Photo Credit: David Ha'ivri

‘Olim’ is a Hebrew term that refers to Jews who have left the diaspora and relocated in Israel. On today’s show we will be speaking with Liami Lawrence, a person who made this move and discovered that there are great challenges that could break one’s spirit and cause their Aliyah to fail. He decided to do something about it and the result was the establishment of an organization dedicated to helping Olim make it in Israel.

David will also be speaking with David Weissman, an American Jewish veteran who made Aliya and now writes and speaks out on Social Media. David Weissman will tell us about Linda Sarsour and why he has challenged her to a debate.


We will also be speaking about the Islamist terror attack on the Temple Mount and the Druze-Israeli police officers who were murdered there.

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A Hebrew in the Heartland 17July2017 – PODCAST