Photo Credit: David Ha'ivri

Breaking News: David Ha’ivri became a grandfather.

On today’s A Hebrew in the Heartland David Ha’ivri will take us on a tour into his personal life experiences. Be the first to hear these real life family stories from a man who lives in the Heartland of Israel.


Hear updates on the latest Shomron Day Experience that David Ha’ivri lead this past week for 60 students from US and other English speaking countries who came to see the facts of the ground in the Shomron.

Visit the Samaritain community on Mount Gerezim and visit Joseph’s Lookout Point with the amazing panoramic view of the Biblical city of Shechem that is today called Nablus by the local Arabs and the international community.

Learn why these day tours are ammunition for Israel’s strongest defence against the intellectual terrorism of BDS and their anti Israel thugs.

Today we will be joined by Rabbi Ben Packer of the Jerusalem Heritage House who will share insights on Parashat Bo the weekly Torah reading.

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