Photo Credit: David Ha'ivri

On today’s show I will be speaking about an amazing initiative to provide a solution for teens with learning difficulties and emotional challenges in the Charedi community in Israel.

Typically teenage boys in the Charedi – Ultra Orthodox communities are expected to learn Talmud all day in Yeshiva. But, what about boys who have ADHD or ADD or just can’t sit and learn Torah all day? That is a problem.


The Kfar Zeitim Torah and Technology Center was established to provide answers for some of these boys. This special school in located at a Moshav farm atmosphere in northern Lower Galill surrounded with very beautiful scenery.

I am on the way to host a visit to the school with Israel’s Minister of Science, Technology and Space MK Ofir Akunis.

So tune in the here more about this and other news from the Heartland of Israel.
A Hebrew in the Heartland 13June2017 – PODCAST


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