Photo Credit: Penny HarowThau & Naava Pasternak Swirsky

WARNING: Adult Content
The Secrets of the Mikvah: Interviews with Jewish women who immerse.
Tamar talks with ‘Tzippy’ a ‘Balanit’ or what’s called, the Mikvah Lady. She explains the ins and outs of spiritual immersion, what made her become a ‘Mikvah Lady’ and the blessings she got because of it.

Also, Tamar interviews the co-author of the book: There’s a Shark in the Mikvah – Written by Penny Harrow Thau and Naava Pasternak Swirsky


Naava talks about why this ‘personal’ type of book was written in the first place, describes the ‘romance’ between man and wife, and then shares a personal story of a time she went to the mikvah that was quite humorous.

You can order the book through their website:
and you can visit their facebook page at:…463792540525290/

The Tamar Yonah Show 13June2017 – PODCAST