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On today’s show David Ha’ivri is going to share the excitement of reaching 20,000 followers on Twitter. Speaking about what can be done to spread the truth about Israel on Social Media with people all over the world.

Haaretz newspaper picked up one of David’s twitter exchanges with American envoy to the region Jason Greenblatt and made a news event out of it.


Did Ha’ivri criticize Greenblatt personally or was his tweet referring to his disappointment in the Trump administration’s seemingly continuing the previous administration’s direction in regard to the Oslo idea of forming a state for the PLO in the middle of Israel’s Heartland.

Ha’ivri asks when will President Trump just stop all funding to the PA which continues to pay salaries and benefits to terrorists who murdered Israeli and US citizens?

For answers to these and more questions, tune in to, ‘A Hebrew in the Heartland’.

A Hebrew in the Heartland 27June2017 – PODCAST


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