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Today I will be summing up that holiday of Purim and our celebrations in Kfar Tapuach.

Sharing an original song Standing with Israel by Patrick Henry:


A small nation
Brought forth from the desert
The dream of the faithful
In exile no more
Now imperiled
Surrounded by hatred
Betrayed and outnumbered
And threatened with war

For all who love freedom
It’s time to show

That we stand with Israel
In its lonely battle for liberty
And its right to defend its people and its land
We stand with Israel

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I will be speaking with veteran Israel Heartland spokesman Yisrael Medad about the policies of discrimination against Jewish residents by the US Consulate in Jerusalem. Visit my site for information on what you can do and who you should contact in your government to protest this policy.

Later in the show I will be speaking with Avi Zimmerman from the City of Ariel in Shomron who will tell us about an exciting new Talk17 project in that he launched in Ariel to provide a podium for voices from the land on the most important issues that effect our lives and the future of this land.

A Hebrew in the Heartland 15March2017 – PODCAST