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Last week I had the privilege of hosting a Shomron Day Experience. We visited Mount Kabir towering over Elon Moreh and the Bibical city of Shechem and the Tirzah Valley through which the children of Israel entered the land 3500 years ago under the leadership of Joshua Bin Nun. Later we met with Avraham the Jewish Shepherd in the fields near Kfar Tapuach. I’ll be speaking about this and more on the show.

What can be done to stop the BDS and their effort to destroy Israel? On today’s show hear how Gedaliah Blum is helping thousands of small businesses in Judea and Samaria to be more effective and reach more markets in Israel and around the world.


Twitter: @No2BDS

Last week we spoke with Eli Greenberg who’s home town Amona was demolished. He told how his family and all of his neighbors and now living in a school as the government is not keeping its part of the agreement the they had reached. Today we will be speaking with Aaron Lipkin about 9 more homes in the town of Ofra that have been targeted and destroyed in an ongoing effort to uproot the Jewish people from our Heartland.
Check out more information about Aaron at his site…03&langpage=eng

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