Photo Credit: Gidon Ariel

On Today’s Show, David will be speaking about the upcoming Sukkot holiday. On Sunday David and Mollie visited the Samaritan community in Holon as guests of Samaritan scholar Benjamim Sadka where he shared insight about the Samaritan traditions which differ from the Jewish traditions.

Later in the show David will be speaking with Gidon Ariel about the Town Hall meeting with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that took place in Ma’ale Adumim yesterday Gidon is member of the Likud party Central Committee and a community leader in the city of Ma’ale Adomim.


We will also hear from Gidon about his son completing the study of a book of the Talmud on the Temple mount which is a very amazing event.
Due to the fact that Jews and other non-Muslims are restricted in prayer and any religious function on the Holy Mountain, it is remarkable that this young man was able to gather his friends on the Temple Mount and to complete this cycle of Torah study.

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