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Heather’s guests on this week’s show have each overcome other people’s cynicism and distressing prognoses. Each forged ahead armed with faith and diligence.

Nina Brenner dreamed of moving to Israel and was told, “you’re crazy.”
Chaya Malka Abramson gave birth to physically-challenged baby whom the health care provider said “won’t amount to much.”


What’s a person to do when people we trust expect the worst?

You won’t want to miss the real-life low points and subsequent victories Nina and Chaya Malka achieved. PLUS, listen up for many more words of wisdom from Nahva Follman, who rounds out this week’s show with practical tips on how we can stay positive whether we are planning/undertaking activities for the family during the Festival of Sukkot, messing up those goals we made for the New Year, or even suffering with this season’s increasingly fewer hours of daylight. Hang in there! This week’s conversations will inspire your inner hero!

You may reach Heather’s guests on this week’s show:
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Conversations with Heroes 19OCT2016 – PODCAST


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