Conversations with Heroes – The Heroism of “Ruth & Naomi” AND Tu B’Shevat is...

An exclusive behind-the-scenes peek of the musical production, “Ruth & Naomi in the Fields of Bethlehem”.

Conversations with Heroes – The Extreme Life of a Rapid Response Medic [audio]

What shocking incident happened that motivated this man to enter the field of emergency medical services?

Conversations with Heroes – Can Israel Trust the Leaders of America and England? [audio]

Hillary Clinton would be a far more preferable U.S. President for Russian interests had she won the U.S. elections.

Conversations with Heroes – The Jewish Rock n’ Role Model [audio]

Moran Sabbah’s amazing story of show business success, and what came of her investigation of authentic Judaism!

Conversations With Heroes – Is This Ezekiel’s Messianic Prophecy of “Fire from the North?”...

Over 1,700 individual fires forced over 70,000 Israelis to evacuate their homes the last week of November.

Conversations With Heroes – The U.N. Finally Shows Israel some R-E-S-P-E-C-T

It’s too soon to say whether the U.N. is uncharacteristically cozying up to the State of Israel, but the Jewish State did earn two major acclaims from the U.N. this past week.

Conversations With Heroes – How This Rockette Found Her Religion [audio]

Rachel Factor is one of the Jewish world’s most distinguished and celebrated performers and public speakers.

Conversations With Heroes – How to Disable an Attacker with the Krav Maga Method...

Day-after coverage of the U.S. presidential election is not the only breaking-news story.

Conversations With Heroes – Pardon Hillary? It Could Happen. [audio]

Abe Katsman, counsel to Republicans Overseas: Israel is back in the studio with Heather to discuss the latest revelations, scandals and even the issues (remember those?) in the homestretch of a dizzying and exhausting presidential election.

Conversations with Heroes – Is Israel Still Fighting the War of Independence? [audio]

Heather speaks with three inspiring Israelis who were born outside of the Land of Israel, made Aliyah, and overcame many obstacles to claim their place in the Land!

Conversations with Heroes – This is Why Palestinian Arabs are Prisoners of Hamas [audio]

This week, Heather talks with three visionaries who have, as Captain James T. Kirk says, “boldly gone where no man has gone before.”

Conversations With Heroes – From Christian Preacher to Jewish Teacher! [audio]

If Ivanka Trump is the modern world’s most famous convert to Judaism, best-selling author Ahuva Gray is probably the next most famous!

Conversations With Heroes – Dude! That Rabbi Can Hang Ten! [audio]

This week’s edition of “Conversation with Heroes” is proof positive that a Chassidic rabbi can also be an elite surfer, mountain biker, musician and family man!

Conversations With Heroes – Israeli Athletes and Coaches Murdered at Munich Olympics 1972: Surviving...

As the world watches and celebrates victorious Olympic athletes in Rio de Janeiro, Jews everywhere solemnly reflect on the murders of eleven Israeli athletes and coaches at the 1972 Olympics in Munich.

Conversations With Heroes – This Is How We Outsmart the Haters of Israel [audio]

How did the global conversation about the Middle East become a free-for-all attack against Israel?


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