Photo Credit: Devorah Goodman Horev

Frightening and unacceptable!

Over a hundred rocket launches from Gaza into Israel in one night,  crashing onto playgrounds, shopping centers, private homes and open areas! Relentless screeching of sirens overlap one another, with the ground shaking from the powerful bombs as they hit, and BOOMS in the air as Israel’s Iron Dome Defense system intercepts the rockets over hour heads . Listen to a candidly raw assessment and heartfelt plea from Jewish mother of seven children, Devorah Goodman Horev, a resident of Ma’agalim, just south of Netivot in the south of Israel. Hear her anguish and experience with her, what it is to live under rocket fire.


This is  ‘wake-up call’ for anyone who claims to love the Holy Land of Israel and her people.

Pull Up a Chair 09Aug2018 – PODCAST


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