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Recently there has been trouble on Israel’s northern border with Hezbollah terrorist attacks. Additionally, there was a HUGE explosion that rocked Beirut last week, killing over 150 people, wounded at least 5,000,and leaving approximately 300,000 Beirut residents homeless. The Lebanese authorities are blaming the explosion on mismanagement by port officials, but many believe it was the result of Hezbollah negligence. Interestingly enough, Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu warned the world almost two years ago about the Hezbollah hiding missiles in Beirut when he held up a placard with a map showing Hezbollah precision missile sites hidden in populated areas. Since the explosion, there have been large demonstrations by its citizenry, some of which have turned violent, with government ministry buildings being taken over and fires set. Lebanon’s minister of information announced her resignation amidst these protests. And a report from the UK’s ‘The SUN’, headlines that Lebanon’s president knew about the huge explosives stockpile, weeks before the blast. So what is really going on, and what danger does the Hezbollah hold for Israel?
Tamar speaks with IDF Lieutenant Colonel (Res.) Sarit Zehavi, CEO and founder of Alma – a nonprofit and an independent research and education center specialized in Israel’s security challenges on its northern border. Sarit has briefed hundreds of groups and forums, ranging from US Senators, Congressmen and other politicians, to senior journalists and visiting VIP groups in Israel and overseas. Sarit authors position papers and updates focusing on Lebanon, Syria and Israel’s national security challenges. She served for 15 years in the Israeli Defense Forces, specializing in Military Intelligence. Sarit holds an M.A. in Middle East Studies and lives with her husband and 5 children in Israeli’s Western Galilee. She gives us an update and analysis on what is happening in Beirut, and what is now taking place on Israel’s northern border. You can visit the ‘Alma’ website at:


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