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The world is in the midst of a pandemic, on top of that, hatred is being spread by governments, the media, and others against people who have decided for whatever reason not to get the mRNA injection. They are being blamed for the rise in corona, and even being called murderers. At the same time, the green passports given out by the governments around the world are being used to control people, allowing them to enter places that un-vaxxed people are forbidden. This has caused much animosity, division between family members and friends. On top of that, Iran looks like it is going to get the bomb, China may invade Taiwan, and America has lost its prestige after the Biden administration pulled out of Afghanistan, stranding citizens and friends there. Where do the bad news and bad feelings stop? Is this what G-d wants, a war between the vaxxed and un-vaxxed, the pro-West and anti-Western democracies? Where should our energies go as we pray this holiday season? Why is G-d doing this and what are we to learn?
Tamar speaks with Rabbi Lazer Brody from as he clears some of the confusion and animosity plaguing the world. Check out his FREE classes on zoom by subscribing at the BOTTOM of his homepage at:
‘Shana tova’, Have a sweet and happy new year!


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