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In this fascinating show, we cover two stories:
1) Is there any way that U.S. President Trump can keep the White House and if so, how would it have to be done.
2) Does President Trump have a December Surprise for Iran? Some believe that the President will want to use -in what could be his last opportunity, to take out the Islamic regime in Iran and turn it over to ‘the people’ of Iran, and to make sure that the Mullahs do not acquire nuclear weaponry. If this is so, how would he need to do this, and when?
-with guests
David (Gideon) Japha who has 35 years of hands-on constitutional and administrative law experience in the United States.
Aaron Braunstein, a Former U.S. Foreign Service Officer who has worked in Washington, Egypt, Tunisia, and Muslim West Africa for 30 years as part of the United States Foreign Service. Today, he heads the Jewish Covenant Alliance. You can visit his website at:


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