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Tamar Yonah interviews Joel Caplan, a private citizen and former investor who was defrauded in an investment business deal in China. Joel learned the hard way about the dangerous world of Chinese Stock Frauds. He responsibly invested in several green clean-tech companies, however, soon after, massive accounting fraud was discovered and exposed -not just in the companies he invested in, but in hundreds of companies operating in China. Companies that had obtained US listings and seemed to have been vetted. In reality though, these companies had fabricated their books in records in the CCCP. The discovery of these systemic and formulaic accounting frauds ultimately resulted to the delisting by NASDAQ and NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGES. He pursued justice in US Courts and obtained, what he called, “worthless Court Judgments”. Joel Caplan joins Tamar to share his story, and try to warn YOU, not to lose your money through, the China Hustle. You can check out his website at:


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