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The Truckers are having their last shout. How and why?
The world is in chaos, and that affects our finances. What should you know to take precautions?
Lastly, today’s generation yearns for socialism and even communism, – you will own nothing, and be happy.’ But the world has ‘been there, done that’ and it was oppressive and torturous. Sharon Katz and Avital Macales are the authors, composers and producers of the new historical musical “WHISPER FREEDOM: The Soviet Jewry Struggle”, premiering Sunday March 6 in Jerusalem. “WHISPER FREEDOM” honors the Soviet Jews who risked their personal liberty to fight for the freedom of their fellow Jews, while Jews throughout the world shared a never-again-duplicated era of unity to shout out for freedom. This historical musical, which is a production of the Women’s Performance Community of Jerusalem and under the auspices of OU Israel, includes more than 50 women of every age, every background and every area of Jerusalem , united to tell this monumental story

Moscow, 1971. Soviet Jews are rediscovering their Jewish identity and longing for Aliya. The KGB and the Soviet Regime are clamping down – trying to prevent Jewish life from flourishing in the USSR, and rejecting applications for exit visas to Israel.


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