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The cure has become far worse than the disease. So say angry Israelis across the Left- Right political spectrum. Now, a new political party has formed under Dr. Arieh Avni, called ‘Rappeh’, a new Israeli political party built on informed consent. No more forced lockdowns, no coercion to vaccinate, and a return of human and personal medical rights for everyone, which the Rappeh party states, have been taken away from Israeli citizens under the government’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Also, Israel is getting the ‘cold shoulder’ form US President Joe Biden. He still hasn’t called Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, nor has he made a call to Saudi Arabia, both Middle Eastern allies of the USA. Why are these US allies being ‘stood up’ by the new administration?


Tamar’s guests:

Ilana Rachel Daniel, English language spokesperson for the Rappeh party, who is a Health advisor, health and safety researcher, political activist, and writer. Visit their facebook page at ‘Rappeh – Only Health’:


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