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We still don’t have this new left wing ‘shinui’ coalition sworn into government, and anything is possible until then that could collapse this house of cards being held together by their common desire to oust Benjamin Natanyahu from power. Heads are spinning now, worried that if an Israeli flag parade takes place in Jerusalem, that it will inflame the Arabs, and the Hamas is now threatening to break the ceasefire agreement with Israel and possibly start another war if the flag parade is held. So, the question is, who really runs the country? The Israeli government and its citizens, or the Hamas terrorists? That is the question that is being asked by many.
Tamar is joined by Motti Ben Yitzchak, a long time resident of Ashkelon, which was recently under heavy rocket fire from Gaza several days ago. Motti made a video this morning that made its way around different groups on social media, with a passionate speech about the Hamas threat on Israel to break the cease-fire if Jews march with their flag in Jerusalem later this week.
Also, Dr. Mordechai Ben Menachem joins Tamar and says that the new left wing coalition is weak, and if it does take power, won’t last for very long. Also, that many other worrying things are happening in the world that we need to be aware of.


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