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Election: Fever has gripped Israel. Both here and in the US the month of November may change the political landscape. Even in the UK a new Prime Minister will be installed in a few days.

Disgust: And outrage at the Holocaust remarks made by the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority at the Press conference with Chancellor Scholz in Germany. But Israel is not surprised, Mahmoud Abbas’s views are well known. Has he offended against Germany’s hate speech laws? The police are investigating.


Sweden’s: Legendary humanitarianism is backfiring. The Koran is taking over. No-go areas for non-Muslims are spreading. The government is now taking action.

Hear: Walter’s four questions for our time. (with apologies to the Haggadah) His answer stresses that Israel has too many Generals in government. To be an ex-military commander and a Minister are mutually exclusive. Listen why.

Our: Minister of Transport is drunk from her successes. So she is now going one step too far. The show explains what it is.

Listen: To the facts about our school-teacher’s pay. Are they correct to call a strike? The beginning of the school year hangs in the balance.

Biden: Is a one term President. If he wants to commit political suicide, why drag the country down with him? His Iran policy endangers the world. Israel is determined to go it alone, if and when necessary.

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