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Hear: Walter’s interview with the Polish Ambassador to the UK recorded in 1998, about the undignified maintenance of the Auschwitz Birkenau Death Camp and the involvement of the Catholic Church with implied anti-Semitism.

All: About Jonathan Pollard’s view of the actions of Bennett, and his disappointment with the damage caused by the present government’s policies. (first published in Arutz 7’s news site).


Why: Jordan, Turkey and countries with questionable human rights record should not interfere with Israel’s actions on the Temple Mount, protecting its citizens and Muslim worshippers from hordes of rock and fire bomb throwers.

The: Many challenges from the hostile world that Israel faced for years, listed by Shurit Hadin, Israel’s Law Centre, the organisation most active in defending against BDS and fake accusations.

A Note: About French President Macron vs. Marine Le Penn the leader of the French far right nationalist party in the context of their forthcoming election for the National Assembly.

Walter’s: Final comment: Israel has an existing law to allow the death penalty. It should be the only sentence for terrorist murder. It would prevent premature release in prisoner exchanges and there is evidence of released terrorists re-offending. The taxpayer, including bereaved families would not have to contribute to the expense of providing amenities for terrorist murderers in our prisons.

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