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Finally: We shall have a stable government for the next four years. Netanyahu needs a firm hand to stop the parties’ infighting for advantages. Now the country must come first.

The: US elections were even more chaotic than ours. Walter discusses their system and resulting outcome at length. The preferred priorities of Democrats and Republicans that determine their vote are surprising.


Shechita: Jewish ritual slaughter is again on the European Agenda. The concern for animals seems more important than the health of their population.

Our: Not yet composed choice of government is occupying the minds of foreign leaders. In a display of communal Chutzpa, they want to dictate whom we shall and shall not include, according to their values not ours.

This week: I was fooled. The Israel Democrat Institute’ representative wrote about the actions of the ultra-orthodox political modus operandi. It is a subject with which I always struggle and hoped to find some clarity. But it was a hate filled piece by a self-hating Jew. It’s a must to hear.

84 Years: Since Kristallnacht was commemorated in Jewish communities around Europe and beyond. Hear how we did it in Jerusalem.

America: Had their own commemorations of 9/11 that cost the lives of 2977 innocent victims.

Germans: In Israel wanted to compare the ‘nakba’ the catastrophy of the State of Israel with the Holocaust? If you are incensed, than you must listen.

How: Politics interferes with saving the environment.

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