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Only: The Immediate death penalty for terrorist murder and the punishment of the perpetrators immediate family who brought him or her up, will help to deter continued terror.

Walter: explains the decline of western values in the United States and the rise of Islamic culture instead.


How: Western Europe is paying the price for their progressive humanitarian attitude and voluntary acceptance of Muslim economic migrants. The Quran is king and no-go areas are spreading.

What: Is title 42 and why is it important to US border control? Biden’s recent cancellation will start an estimated increase of illegal border crossings to 6 million annually.

Why: Is a convicted criminal considered for a cabinet post or even three? Will there be no other choice?

Hear: About the almost comedy of negotiations for the formation of the new government. Diplomacy equals compromise, not inflexible positions. The ‘give me what I want, or else’ is unbecoming elected Knesset members and may leave the Prime Minister designate no choice, but to invite a left of centre party. Not exactly what the electorate was voting for. These guys must come to their senses.

Sport: Is not generally my field, but its contamination with politics moved me to comment. Hear all about it.

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