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Is a good life an easy life- or is it one with meaning? Alon and Rachel Zimmerman’s Farm in Itamar near Biblical Schem in the Shomron is a modern re-creation of an ancient way of life. Sustainable ecology; growing what you eat, literally enjoying the fruits of your labor with minimal interference from authorities, supplying your local community with its basic needs. Eve speaks with Alon, former surfer and jock who now has 10 each of children, grandchildren and cows, and who literally lives the prophecy of return of the Jewish people to our Land. A brilliant man with dirt under his fingernails and no computer in his home. Strong, proud and in awe of Hashem’s plan, they see each setback as a test of faith and an opportunity for growth, spiritual and physical. Living Torah. Living the Torah. Could the rest of us say the same?