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Rejuvenation: Time is of the Essence

Should this be the first day of the new year for non-Christians? Dr. Hagi Amitzur, renowned college lecturer, teacher of tour guides and top expert on the Land of Israel and Archaeology, joins Eve Harow to discuss calendars and time. Our forefathers were experts in astronomy, as well as all physical sciences. Yet agriculture dictated that mankind set up a solar construct for measuring seasons and harvests. Biblical days, numbered months, 355 day years; how did this develop to where we are today? The footprints of Babylonian gods, Roman emperors, Byzantine popes and Talmudic rabbis impact when we celebrate birthdays and holidays in modernity. Did you know that Helios is the Angel of the fourth day of creation? Why is the Muslim calendar solely lunar? Ever wonder why October is no longer the 8th month as its name dictates?
Enjoy your day off, because whoever controls your time owns you… and yes, Hagi and Eve talked about taxes, too.

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