Before you watch the video, please take a moment and sit down. This took me three years to produce. I hope you enjoy it.

This melody came to me as I celebrated Hanukah for the first on the Farm. Tehila and I had just moved with our six kids alone to edges of Jewish settlement in Eastern Gush Etzion. We didn’t have an electrical line, needed a compost toilet, had no kitchen and no security system or military presence near us. We were all alone in the dark of the winter nights lighting our Hanukah candles. It demanded a new level of courage in our lives. This is a melody of finding the courage in our lives.


It felt like in some ways, nothing had changed. We were fighting for Jewish freedom in the Land of Israel in the same Judean mountains that the Macabbees fought in 2,400 years ago.

Bayamim Hahem bazman haze. In those days in this time. That’s the meaning of this video. From generation to generation, we light the candle and keep the flame of the Jewish People alive. In Israel, the Hanukah miracle isn’t over. We are still living within the miracle.

Chag Sameach!

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