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MK Ahmed Tibi explaining the long term benefits on speaking Arabic.

Yesterday was “Arab Language Day” in the Knesset.

MK Ahmed Tibi used the opportunity to speak about the Arab language and the Jewish people. He started his talk in Arabic, before switching to Hebrew…


From the Knesset podium he informed the other illustrious Israeli MKs that MK Taleb Abu-Arar taught him that morning that “in heaven the language spoken there is Arabic, and if the Jews want to go to heaven, they need to take this into account. So start learning Arabic gentlemen, or you’ll go somewhere else…”

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein quickly retorted, “It does sound like heaven. No one there is going to be be able to bother me, since I don’t understand Arabic.”

From Tibi’s laughter, and that of the MKs – it was all hopefully said in jest.


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  1. My immediate thoughts, assuming there is a heaven, is that I would rather be somewhere where Tibi and his tribesmen are not. Anyway, again assuming their bull, the fornication with the amount of lusty hungry virgins that aparantly will abound will get quite boring and tiresome. I don't think there will be any sort of intellectual activity as all the action will be taking place below the belt. What a revolting bunch of pornography pushers they all are.

  2. Islam does not know heaven. To Islam you have to stab to be rewarded. You have to blow yourself up to be rewarded with 70 virgins… That is not heaven. That is man's ego need to teach people about a god that does not exist. Our Creator would never allow this teaching to last anymore than it is timed. Our Creator has a totally different view to all that Islam has made for itself by its past leaders who confiscated the Tanach ans changed it to fit their programming needs.

  3. I ask this, then why is it that G-d spoke to Abraham first before there was any muslims. Yes there were arabs or tribes people, but no muslims until The day of Muhammed. Christains come from Christ, muslims come from Muhammed and Hebrews come from G-d not a man

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