The King is in the Field
Ari Lesser
10 Av 5777

The King is in the field, the King is in the field
His Thirteen Attributes of Mercy are now revealed
The King is in the field, the King is in the field
Ask him for forgiveness, and you surely shall be healed
The King is in the field, the King is in the field
Make a request this is the best time for your appeal
The King is in the field, the King is in the field
Communicate with Him, don’t wait until your fate is sealed


I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me
Or as we say in Hebrew, Ani l’dodi v’dodi li
If you take the first letters of these four words they can be read
Just like the month of Elul, Aleph, Lamed, Vav Lamed
Now when we show G-d our love it’s “Ani l’dodi
And when G-d reveals His love for us it is “V’dodi li”
That’s why in Elul, here below we can arose G-d’s love
And G-d also bestows upon us His love from above


When the King comes home from travelling far and wide
His people, they go out to greet him in the countryside
They all have equal access each man, woman, and child
And he receives them face to face, warmly, with a smile
They follow him back through the city, to the palace gate
But unless they have permission that’s where they must wait
His throne room may only be entered by a choosen few
So you’d better greet the King when He’s accessible to you


The month of Elul is considered and auspicious time
For mankind to refine itself, before the year’s deadline
G-d shines forth his thirteen attributes of mercy
Which empower us to ask forgiveness from the Almighty
So in this month, which proceeds Tishrei, we need
To focus on the year that past, reflect upon our deeds
Atone for our mistakes, meditate on what we’ve done
And then make the proper changes for the year to come

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