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Hamas chief Ismail Haniyah, “Yes, we are a people that yearns for death, just as our enemies yearn for life.”

Gotta love his honesty.



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  1. Too many years of hating….so destructive and pointless.That is what all religions preach…you will not really die….the Muslims go to Paradise equipped with Virgins,and the Christians are all going to romp around in heaven with Jesus.They all have it figured out.

  2. Who is this devil faced terrorist to speak in the name of all the Palestinians?? This zevel speaks in his vomited name and all the zevel that work for him… He is the reason why the Palestinians have to play his sick game of “I’m a “human shield for Hamas ” against their will. If and when this aborted piece of is caught , he must be given the same trial that Eichman got for war crimes against humanity ,,,then taken out to the town square and Hanged till his neck snaps..

  3. Haniyah is gone gray; he has children and grandchildren but not dead yet and still doesn’t want to die eventhough he claims they yearn for death. This crook wants other Palestinian to die, not him, not his children, not his grandchildren. Alas! He deceives Palestinians to die while saving his life, can’t somebody wake up?

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