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Jaffa terror attac

A stabbing attack took place on Tuesday evening on Jaffa port leaving ten injured and one dead. Initial reports indicated that only two had been left in light and moderate condition respectively. However, the number of reported victims steadily rose and the details of the attack were investigated.

The murdered man was an American citizen, age 29, and his wife was one of those injured.


Police, who were alerted to the attack at 6:23pm, arrived at the incident shortly thereafter and shot the terrorist dead.

According to a police spokesperson, the terrorist stabbed three at the Jaffa port and later went on to the Manatery restaurant nearby where he stabbed an additional four before a police team shot and killed him.

Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedics later reported that they were providing first aid at the scene on a number of victims before evacuating ten victims, five of whom were in serious condition, four in moderate condition and one in light condition. One of the victims, a Jewish immigrant from the former Soviet Union who was celebrating International Women’s Day with his wife, succumbed to his wounds before reaching Wolfson hospital.

“Unfortunately one of the victims did not make it to the hospital alive. Another victim is seriously wounded and is being treated in the trauma ward while one victim sustained lighter injuries and is currently undergoing surgery,” a Wolfson spokesperson said.

A latest police statement said that “the terrorist arrived at the Jaffa port and began stabbing civilians at the scene. As a result, four individuals were evacuated by MDA to various hospitals nearby. The terrorist then began to flee in the direction of Tel Aviv. Policemen who were on their way to the scene of the attack noticed him and shot him.”

“During the terrorist’s stabbing spree as he fled the original scene, he managed to wound three additional civilians who were treated by MDA,” the statement continued.

Large numbers of police are currently scouring the area to verify that there is no additional attacker.

During the attack, US Vice President Joe Biden was visiting the Peres Center for Peace in Jaffa located a short distance from the scene of the attack.

“This is the kind of warm welcome that Palestinians are giving Vice President Biden in his attempt to facilitate the peace talks,” a security official told Tazpit Press Service (TPS.)

Earlier in the day, a woman was arrested at the Qalandiya checkpoint north of Jerusalem, after a knife was found in her bag.

Later on, a stabbing attack took place in Petach Tikva leaving one lightly wounded while at approximately the same time, a policeman was wounded in a shooting attack at Damascus Gate.


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  1. How many more BiBi? One can not fathom
    the second by second inhuman pressure
    u endure; seriously beyond calculation.
    But they r Murdering us!!!!!! How many
    more widows orphans do we need to bury!
    Every person who lives w/I 100yards of any
    murderer including animals who try to
    MURDER us(stones, cars…) gets deported.
    F— period. The NEXT day you raze ever
    House in the 100 yard zone (400yards) and
    Build a new Jewish neighborhood. After a few
    deportation's they will get the message.
    We can walk down our streets or have our
    family go shopping and not worry if they
    will be MURDERED. What is so¥¥¥¥¥ hard
    to understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BTW, the entire PC world isn't worth one Jewish
    toe nail.

  2. No Joao, that was a commandment only for one time and one venue. (The venue is the same though.)
    Israelites are not allowed to mass-murder their enemies, but common sense dictates to expel them from the Land, especialy when the war goes on for almost 100 years and not getting any better.

    And it is not all Arabs! Christian or atheist Arabs are just as fine as anyone else. The problem is caused only by those Arabs whose minds had been infected and destroyed by Islam.

  3. Every time Onama/Biden/Kerry roll out another"Peace" offensive, Jews suffer casualties in their homeland by Arab savages. Why doesn't our Administration roll out a domestic Peace initiative; especially in the deadly streets of Chicago, St.Louis, Detroit, Philadelphia, New Orleand, and most inner cities in America.

  4. How sad, VP Biden was nearby at Peres PEACE Center when among many wounded Israelis was an American Citizen who died. There were other attacks in other Cities. It’s Election time let’s help Israel and the Jewish people everywhere by electing one of the candidates who is serious about fighting terrorism and antisemitism.

  5. Gee… Do you think Mahmoud Abbas will be treated to a 45-minute-long telephone tirade for this by Secretary of State Kerry like the one Secretary of State Clinton made to PM Netanyahu, after it was announced, during a visit by Vice President Biden a few years ago, that new apartments for Jews were to be built in Ma'ale Adumin? Or does the murder of one Jew and attempted murders of ten others, just steps away from where the Veep was at the time, not rise to the level of insult that announcing apartments would be built for Jews does, according to the Obama administration?

  6. As long as the Israeli's continue with the stupidity of returning terrorist bodies, Israeli's will pay a heavy price.
    The bodies af all terrorists must be smeared with pork fat and blood to deny them a marters death.
    This will put an immediate stop to these attacks.

  7. Joao and Miki are on the right track. Maybe the Israeli government needs to alert the PA and Hamas that unless the murders and the incitement cease in 30 days, they will all be deported. Maybe Syria or Lebanon or Jordan will be a happier place for them. After all, Jordan is their real homeland. And this should also be made public to the rest fo the world including the Arab countries in the area. No one wants these people. Even the bleeding heart liberals, if it came right down to it, wouldn't want them living across the street from them. So let the international community step in and help stop the incitement and the murders. Or hello Jordan. Welcome to your new Palestinian State.

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