Photo Credit: Medabrim Tikshoret
Incident at Damascus Gate

15-year-old Israeli Arab girl was arrested by a Police patrol near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City, shortly after 3 PM on Monday.

According to a Jerusalem District Police Spokesperson, the girl aroused the suspicion of a nearby police patrol, and when she was asked to take her hands out of her pockets it was revealed that she was carrying a knife on her person.


“The Policemen … quickly took control of the situation in apprehending the terrorist who was unharmed. During a search of her belongings, an additional knife was discovered in her bag,” the spokesperson added.

According to security officials, the girl is an Israeli Arab from the Jabel Mukaber neighborhood in Jerusalem. Many of the terrorists in the attacks of the past five months, including the deadly attack in the neighborhood of Armon Hanatziv last October, have been residents of Jabel Mukaber.

The Damascus Gate in Jerusalem has been a hot-spot for terrorist attacks in the last five months. Today’s attempted stabbing follows another attempted shooting attack in Damascus Gate, by two Palestinian terrorists the night before. It is the spot where a young policewoman, Hadar Cohen, was killed by a squad of Palestinian terrorists on February 3.


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