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Speaker Edelstein meets with families of terror victims

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein met Sunday evening with the families of terror victims, at their request. The families asked Edelstein to assist them by supporting harsh measures against the families of terrorists.

Among other things, the victims’ families called to expel relatives of terrorists as a means of creating deterrence, prevent family visits for jailed terrorists and degrade their living conditions.


“We feel that if we do not act, we will be causing the next murder,” a representative of one of the families told Edelstein during the meeting. “We are launching a campaign, and it will not be a quiet one. We want the government, the ministers and the Knesset Members to fear us more than they fear B’Tselem.”

Edelstein promised the families that the Knesset would assist them in the campaign. “We are in the midst of a battle, and we are dealing with it with a variety of tools,” he said. “I am convinced that the families’ just struggle will have many partners from the entire political spectrum, because it is a national struggle. I hope that, in order to deter would-be terrorists, tough measures will at least be taken against families that openly support terror and the actions of their terrorist relative.”


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