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Archaeologists Arfan Najar and Eyad Bisharat of the Israel Antiquities Authority at the moment when they discovered the incense shovel. Photo credit: Magdala
The jug as it was discovered in the excavation. Photo credit: Eyad Bisharat Israel Antiquities

According to Arfan Najar, an archaeologist leading the excavations on behalf of the IAA, “A similar incense shovel and jug as those found here in Migdal were discovered by Yigael Yadin in a cache dating to the time of the Bar Kokhva uprising which was revealed in the Cave of the Letters in the Judean Desert. Incense shovels have also been found in the Galilee at Bethsaida, Taiyaba and in Wadi Hammam, and across the country, but all-in-all this is a very rare find.”

The excavation this season was located alongside the pier of the large Jewish settlement of Migdal. Volunteers from Chile, Mexico, Italy and Spain came to Migdal to help continue the excavations at the site. Next summer, a group of volunteers and students from Mexico will continue digging on the southern area of the site and restoring remains of discoveries along the excavations.



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