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( Six people were stabbed during a gay pride parade held on Thursday in Jerusalem. Large police forces converged on Keren Hayesod Street, in the affluent neighborhood of Rehavia, in downtown Jerusalem, the marchers were ordered to return to Independence Park, where the parade had begun.

“The wounded were covered in blood with blue marks on their faces,” an eyewitness told NRG.


The stabber has been identified as Yishai Schlissel, 40, an ultra-Orthodox man who had stabbed three marchers at the gay pride parade in Jerusalem 10 years ago. Schlissel served 10 years in prison for the stabbing and was released only three weeks ago.

Schlissel was captured immediately after stabbing the six marchers at the intersection of Keren Hayesod and George Washington Streets.

One of the victimes, a woman, is in critical condition, and the doctors at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center are fighting for her life. Another victim’s condition is defined as serious, one is stable and three others light.

The head of the right-wing Le’hava organization Benzi Gofstiin, who organized by a protest picket line in Jerusalem’s Paris Square against the gay pride parade, told Israel radio that he condemned the stabbing.

“We are against such acts against Jews,” said Gofstiin. However, he stressed that a “parade of abomination,” as he put it, should not be permitted in Jerusalem, just as Jews are not permitted to pray on the Temple Mount.

A large crowd of ultra-Orthodox Jews has congregated in Jerusalem’s Shabbat Square for an “assembly of prayer and crying” against the gay pride parade.



  1. Being gay is not a choice, and people should love their neighbors for their views and beliefs, not stab/kill/destroy them, no matter who they are! There is nothing wrong with peacefully celebrating your identity. This is aside from the fact the guy was a known criminal lunatic who did the same thing 10 years previously. If G-d didn’t want the parade to happen, it wouldn’t have happened.

  2. The state of Israel must consider male homosexuality a crime, punished with the death penalty, because it is written in the Torah, in Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, that God said: “If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads”.
    Homosexuality is not innate, because there are many cases of identical twins (monozygotic twins) where one is homosexual and the other is heterosexual, what excludes the possibility that the cause of the homosexuality is genetic, because the identical twins have equal genomes, and also excludes the possibility that the homosexuality is congenital, caused by existing conditions during the gestation, because the identical twins are gestated together, in the same conditions.

  3. I don’t understand!! Israel hosted the largest gay parade in the world with over 150,000 people in Tel Aviv beginning of July, why do they have to A month later put together another parade in the Holy city, is it to anger the religious crowd? Or is it because they are looking for more and more attention? I can’t say I agree with the Stabbing incident, but I don’t see the reason for them to have the right to even consider these parades any place in Israel!!

  4. Sir: From the time the Sanhedrin left the courtyard of the holy temple, approx 100 years before churban, they cannot [nor anyone else] execute anyone. So please stop this Leviticus nonsense. Moreover, the death penalty could not be imposed without prior warning in front of witnesses. In the days of yore, this maniac would have been subject to the death penalty if someone died as a result of his "piety".

  5. They arent looking for attention, they are looking for equality, to be able to live their lives being respected and safe, which both this stabbing, and your shocking comment demonstrate the continued need for.

    Given that the objective of these parades is to normalize and thereby gain acceptance and remove prejudice against gay people, they should be held in those areas where homophobia is the biggest problem, such as in religious neighborhoods.

    The way you phrase the situation is victim blaming, it’s back to front. Gay people arent the aggressors, they dont hold parades to anger religious people. The need to hold parades, and in particular the need to hoold parades in religious areas, is a product of the fact that the religious crowd are aggressors against gay people by teaching that gay people are evil and by treating them as such.

  6. Andrews if you believe God didnt create Adam and Steve then how do you explain the fact that Adam and Steve have been created millions of times over, and not just amongst humans, but homosexuality has been documented across hundreds of other animal species.

    Clearly no-one would choose to be something which would get them treated badly, up to and including being cut off from their family, beaten up, imprisoned, and executed.

    Yet throughout history people in societies which do exactly those things to gay people have nevertheless been gay, at, like I say, often the cost of their lives.

    Clearly these people are gay, otherwise they wouldnt decide to face this abuse and death. Use your brain.

  7. That is victim blaming

    Are Jews who choose to dress in ways which make them identifiable as Jews asking for trouble if it increases the chances of them facing anti-Semitic attacks?!


    The whole point of these parades is to fight for equality and acceptance BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE IT. If they had it, there would be no need to parade. Since they have much greater acceptance and equality in Tel Aviv there is therefore much less value and need to parade there, whereas in Jerusalem the need is greater because the prejudice against them is greater.

  8. Your generalization is as offensive as what you are railing against. Chareidim are not en masse a bunch if homophobes. They may not support that lifestyle, but in no way as a group do they condone violence. To suggest that is ignorant, irresponsible, and just makes you out to have zero credibility.

  9. You are uneducated as there are many halachot pertaining to the circumstances under which death sentence occurs, so many in fact that almost nobody was anybody killed. Are you personally volunteering to carry out this sentence? The state of Israel is not a theocracy under which these stavvings would be a crime

  10. It isnt against nature it is natural since it is found across hundreds of animal species and of course if it wasnt natural amongst humans then why would people be gay, they wouldnt would they, not when they suffer abuse and punishement and execution for being gay, no one would choose it, it is obvioulsy their nature.

    No threat is posed by homosexuality, there isnt a shortage of babies, there are too many babies, so it is actually a great benefit to humans that some people are gay because there is overpopulation.

  11. The reason to take it to the streets is because to tackle prejudice people have to make it a visible issue, they have to challenge the prejudice. You cant challenge prejudice by hiding away.

    You say they can live their lives as they choose but do you think they choose to live their lives facing prejudice? Of course not! So they cant live their lives as they choose, because they choose to live their lives with respect and equality but they arent being given that because large numbers of people are prejudiced against them.

    Therefore they have to fight for their rights, fight against the prejudice of people who dont respect them and dont treat them the same as other people.

    I dont understand your last question about left wing fanatics who hate Jews. I am happy to answer but you need to give me more detail about what you mean.

  12. Hello Pinichas!

    I don't think I have what it takes to stab anyone, lest they are trying to physically harm my family or I. However, it is shocking as a Jew to see the disrespect to Jews and Torah from fellow Jews in these comments. This is truly a detestable thing. Moshiach will arrive when Jews love Jews and Torah unconditionally. What are we waiting for? Moshiach! We are not ready.

  13. Dorothy Kelley Heaven forbid. I meant it is forbidden for one to take the law into his hands by citing Leviticus calling for the death penalty. If you are invoking the Torah, you must follow Torah rules & procedures.


    Here's why this "day" should be created and honored by Jews:
    (1) Those cities, not far from Jerusalem and long associated with Jews, were destroyed by God around 1863 B.C.
    (2) The perversion in those ancient places is imitated today in "gay pride" parades in Israel including Jerusalem.
    (3) Most Israelis feel that those ancient Sodomites were as unworthy of death as were the World War II Jews.
    Therefore we think that Israel, which remembers the WW II "holocaust," should likewise remember the "holocaust" in
    Sodom and Gomorrah and build a suitable memorial near the Dead Sea.

  15. Shimon Chaim Ben Michael wait a minute what is the first commandment Is it not "thou shalt love the Lord Thy G-d with all thy heart, mind and soul," and the second like it," to love your neighbor as oneself." It is my firm opinion that you cannot love your neighbor as oneself if the love of G-d is not within one's heart. and what is the commandment concerning same sex relationships, does the Lord not call it an "abomination?"

  16. Then of course you are not following the Torah or as Christians belief to call them to repentance, as homosexuality is an entity that cannot reproduce and therefore needs to recruit the younger generation watch your children.

  17. what happened to the first commandment Thou shalt love the Lord thy G-d with all your heart, mind and soul and the second like it "to love your neighbor as oneself" one cannot love the Lord G-d and condone homosexual relationships, as the Lord calls it an "abomination."

  18. and when the Lord G-d brought out the Israelites with a mighty Hand, He warned them that He drove out other nations before them, whom practiced abominable and detestable things in His sight. Do you want a repeat and have the Jewish people once again being dispersed among other nations? then forbid gay parades for G-d's sAke in Jerusalem, G-d;s Holy city see 2 Chronicles 6:6 But I have chosen Jerusalem that My Name might be there." why provoke the Lord G-d of Isreal to Anger?

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