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Kapparot clash in Ashdod

( A clash broke out Sunday night between ultra-Orthodox residents of Ashdod’s Third Quarter who were out to fulfill the custom of kapparot with chickens — and animal rights activists who tried to physically prevent them from carrying out the ritual, Haredim 10 reported.

The incident took place near the Belz Hasidic Institutions on Khativat Ha’Negev Street, when activists protested against the residents.


The activists turned over crates full of chickens, sprayed the birds with water, and even stole some of them.

As the struggle between the two parties ensued, police were called in and kept the activists out of the way.

An Eye Witnes told Haredim 10: “They broke into our territory and did here as they pleased. They stole chickens one by one into cars that were waiting on the street and just kept us physically from observing the custom of Kapparot. All this despite our explanations that the ritual is being done properly and there are no instances of cruelty to animals.”

A La’hish Region police spokesperson said: “A report was received at 5:30 PM at the 100 center (the local 911) of the Southern District Police, regarding a number of people who entered into the Belz Yeshiva on Khativat Ha’Negev Street in the city of Ashdod. Apparently they splashed water on chickens that were being offered for sale in the compound, which violated public order.

“Ashdod Police patrol cars arrived at the scene, and detained and removed some ten men and women (who are not residents of Ashdod) who were violating the public order. Apparently, the background to the event is the opposition of groups associated with animal rights to the practice of Kapparot.

“An inquiry by the officers at the scene indicated that there was no violence at all on the part of the demonstrators.

“At this point (Sunday night) police is on hand to maintain public order. The demonstrators have left and for the time being there is quiet in the yeshiva compound.”

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