Photo Credit: Michael Silverstein
Egged Bus #177 to Maale Adumim after being attacked by rock throwers. (archive)

Bus #177 to Maaleh Adumim was attacked on Sunday evening by rock throwers.

Two passengers were hit in the head. One of the injured passengers was evacuated to a hospital, the second refused treatment.


The attack occurred approximately 50 meters before the tunnels to Maaleh Adumim near Mount Scopus and the Mount of Olives.

A passenger on the bus told that there have been previous stoning attacks in this area.



  1. The answer to that kind of terrorism is to shoot all stone throwers.
    Of course, the British government would condemn Israel for firing back.
    Of course those politicians have never experienced terrorism like the Israelis have. Maybe those who voted for a PA terrorist state should visit Israel and spend a few days in the areas near Gaza and see and learn why there must never be a terrorist state called Palestine.
    Not until they sign a full peace, and agree to being a non militarised state. They do not need an army unless they intend to attack Israel.

  2. If Netanyahu doesn't care, it doesn't matter. In terms of political science, Israel's system is that of a democratically elected dictatorship. So, if Netanyahu happens to be content with daily murders & injuries at the hands of the overwhelmingly genocidal Arab Muslim population on the tiny strip of land west of the Jordan River, so be it. Until the system is changed to actually for the first time reflect the will of Israels non-Muslim citizens, innocent people will continue to be murdered & injured, God-forbid.
    Repatriation of the Jordanian & Egyptian populations left on Israel's side of the border in 1967 is the ONLY effective AND compassionate solution to the existential threat posed by the overwhelmingly genocidal Arab Muslim population, period.

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