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by Ilan Shavit


On the week of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at a joint meeting of Congress, a pro-“Palestinian” group has launched a new campaign across Washington, DC, attacking Netanyahu for his actions and urging the U.S. government to end its foreign aid to Israel, Ma’an reported.

The campaign will run bus ads across Washington, DC during Netanyahu’s visit.

The campaign was officially launched last Tuesday, by American Muslims for Palestine. The group said in a statement that the campaign aims to use the Netanyahu’s “contentious address” to congress on the Iranian nuclear program to bring to focus the “detrimental impact” of U.S. support for Israel.

Senan Shaqdeh,an Arab-American coordinator of anti-Israel boycott campaigns, told the PLO Sunday that the controversy around Netanyahu’s speech in the American media “created an opportunity to educate average Americans about the crimes and violations of human rights Israel commits everyday using U.S. taxpayers’ money.”

That’s nice.

The ads use of quotes from a 2001 Netanyahu speech, in which he supposedly described the U.S. as “a thing you can move very easily.”

As the tape below shows, Netanyahu is quite braggadocios about the ease with which he would control Israel-U.S. relations, but he bases his notion not on America being an easy mark, as the quote misrepresents, but rather on the fact that, as he puts it, 80 percent of the American people support Israel.

In that recorded speech, Ma’an reports, Netanyahu emphasizes that he managed to “terminate the Oslo accords” and convince Washington to agree that Israel would not pull back from any areas he deemed as militarily strategic sites in the West Bank.

Should look good on a bus.


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  1. Really don't care what the world says. The world and its great unwashed masses are generally so ignorant of history and blind to reality that its opinion is of little value. What matters is what is true not what is perceived as true. The media and Islam are the new Nazi Movement. Now their target(s) are anyone not like them. Leftist elitists and Muslims trying to destroy centuries of Western progress by eroding liberty and instituting a backward legal system and tyrannical government thinly veiled as a religion.

  2. Why aren't the Jewish leadership spending any money to counter the negativity of these Moslem liars. Their lies are making an impact and need to be rebuffed. There should be pro-Israel advertising on the busses similtaneously. Wake up!

  3. It is a disgrace that 75-80% of American "Jews" voted for Obama in 2008 & 2012, especially after it was revealed that he attended an anti-white, anti-American Jew hating Church for 20 years!!1 The same hypocrites were claiming that the late Gov. George Wallace of Alabama & the late Gov. Lester Maddox of Georgia were klanmen & nazis!!!

  4. What have the Muslims contributed to the world? Hate, death, and destruction. Everything they say about Israel is the blackness of their own hearts. They are using the ignorance and gullibility of Westerners to destroy our civilisation. Who will stop them when your own President supports them?

  5. The Muslims have been determined for housands of years to wipe all Jews and Christians off the face of the earth. If the Muslim President of the U.S. and the Muslims throughout the world are not stopped they will make great milestones in the torture and death of multiple millions.

    There may be 'good' Muslims but the tenets of the Islam has not changed and never will. Unfortunately more Muslims adhere to their religious beliefs than either Christians or Jews.

  6. Well I don't agree with your comment but some tragedy along those lines will occur and it will all blow up just like the riots and looting blew up in Ferguson, Missouri and like Ferguson the criminal who burglarized a store and then attacked the policeman when he confronted him. Now all law enforcement is being persecuted as 'at fault'.

    I feel like I'm living in a twilight zone with what is happening in the world today.

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