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Anti-Semites have a message for Jews in the Diaspora, but some people just don't understand it.

New York Police and its Hate Crime unit are investigating a Monday evening attack by pro-Arab hoodlums for peace who peacefully harassed and assaulted a young Jewish  couple on New York City’s Upper East Side.

Two cars and several motorcycles were involved in the gang-up on the couple until the attackers fled the scene in a car that was flying Palestinian Authority flags, according to The New York Post.


The gang yelled “anti-Semitic statements’ at the woman and her 27-year-old husband, who was wearing a kippa.

The violence started when the attackers hurled a water bottle at the woman, hitting her. He came to her defense, and the punks punched him, slightly cutting one ear but enough that required medical care.

Anti-Israeli protesters in a London suburb last week also used the PA flag to stir up an incident by parading in an “unemployment protest” outside a kosher delicatessen,  prompting one of the Jewish customers to try to settle the score.

British police arrested him for assault.

The New York officers in blue still are looking for the gang that attacked the Jewish couple, in the heart of an area with a high Jewish population.

It is just another one of hundreds of anti-Semitic incidents in the United States that are considered as “isolated” by bleeding heart, consensus-seeking Jewish leaders and the Commission of Political Correctness for Radical Islam and Peace for Palestine without Israel.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. I keep calling for them to bring back the JDL but nobody is listening because the cops sure as hell are not doing anything.I’m surprized the cops didn’t arrest the Jewish couple for being Jewish.

  2. chabad rabbi murdered walking to shul in miami democrat controlled police force said it wasn’t a hate crime. reminds me when anti semites broke stained glass windows at a shul and one small window was a small side window was broken at a bus next door so the local democrat controlled police said it wasn’t a hate crime just vandelism. and the jewish democrat leaders are in cahoots with this

  3. Parce que vous êtes une bande immense d’incapables, vous faites semblant de pâtisser de la soit disant, peine des… J’ai oublié… Ah oui les palestiniens! Vos truc, c’est juste par haine des juifs qui vous faites semblant de pâtisser avec eux. Les juifs vous ne pouvez plus les mater, et pour avoir le beau rôle, vous faite semblant. La police française vient d’être mise en examen pour meurtre contre un musulman algérien ‘strangulations lors d’une expulsion). ALORS, ELLE EST OU, LA SOIT DISANT COMPATISSANTE DOULEUR AVEC PEUPLE ARABE? VOUS FAITES COURENT CONTRE LES JUIFS PARCE QUE VOUS NE POUVEZ PLUS, LES AVOIR A VOS BOTTES! LES ARABES EUX OUI! PARCE QUE ILS SONT A LA DÉRIVE, A VOTRE MERCIE, PLUS LES JUIFS. ALLEZ VOUS FAIRE VOIR CHEZ LES GRECQUES!

  4. Why doesn’t it have to do with the article? The pic exposes the fact that antisemitism is gaining traction even in areas that have significant Jewish populations.

  5. this ppicture is not relevant to the article bec it is from two and half years ago it is my parents house and he has no right to use my moms name as photo credit along w photo wo permision not to mention misleading public as this is from two and half years ago should b removed

  6. Soon enough the JDL will be very active and they will not have jokers running the show. If need they will have professional butchers walking with extremely sharp knives and another gand with curare serynges

  7. How is with the investigation on the murder of a Rabbi on sjabbat a couple of weeks ago in North Miami Beach? the police doesn’t call it a hate crime and nothing has ever been heard about it ever since…

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