Photo Credit: Kobi Gideon / GPO / Flash 90
Does this look like a scene where Israeli police might have shot "two Palestinian civilians," as CNN claimed?

A Palestinian Authority couple from a village near Ramallah decided to honor the terrorists of the Har Nof Massacre, and named their newborn twins after the two Arab terrorists that massacred 5 people in Har Nof.

It’s a cultural thing.


A sick cultural thing.


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  1. Evil has a tendency to procreate. These babies are born in innocence – but don't have a chance – with the names they have been drenched with they most likely will feel the need to live up to them.

  2. I do not concerned with what the Palestinians do. The Palestinians are at war. I expect them to randomly kill Israeli civilians and shoot rockets into civilian homes. I am saddened, but not outraged or incensed. I care about what Israelis do and don't do. The time to build in Ma'ale Adumim is now!!!! The longer Israel waits, the more obstacles there will be. The Palestinians are entitled to self determination. Let them convince Israeli authorities that they can be trusted not to harm their neighbors.

  3. That's pretty sad. I would name the children after someone who tried to work towards peace if I were a Palestinian mother and not dishonor the culture like that. That's really sick. Terrorists and Hamas do NOT represent the best interests of Palestinians. They need to toss them out.

  4. If you're referring to the article with the blood soaked prayer articles, it was taken by a free lance photographer and the story has appeared in most of the major media including Al Jazeera and the Arab world. Pretty much released world wide under the byline "Jerusalem Massacre" "Jews Killed While Praying", "Palestinian Attack on Shul", etc. It's also in quite a number of languages .. if you're looking for a source for this, look on the Associated Press website for one. I'm a photojournalist myself, although NOT in Jerusalem and this is quite real.

  5. Many in the Arab world teach these children to hate which is really sad. They often don't know anything else and have never had a postive experience with a Jew. This is one reason I so strongly support the work of groups like "Oasis of Peace/Neve Shalom/Wahat al Salaam in Israel. They get the children together … Arabs and Jews … and teach them about the other's culture. This kind of thing can do a great deal although it's not the ONLY thing to do to stop terrorism. In that groups 30 or more years of existence, not an Arab has killed a Jew or Jew killed an Arab. BOTH groups are going to have to do a great deal of work to learn to live together because the relationship is so shattered now.

  6. Unfortunately … NOT a hoax 🙁 🙁 It's real … been reported by nearly every news outlet on Earth. It's also a sad commentary of the evil human beings are capable of. People thought the same thing upon the first reports of the Holocaust too … it was too unbelievable for most to comprehend. We have entered an era where I'd be surprised if 36 righteous human beings still exist on the Earth.

  7. Lynn Magnuson Thanks Lynn… I meant about the couple naming their children after the terrorists (not that I doubt it, just wondering the source). I tend to be skeptical, didn't want to share this story without more info.

  8. After seeing the Palestinians dancing in the streets and giving out candy to celebrate, this naming of twins after the murderers is no surprise. They danced in the streets after 9/11 in New York, too.

  9. deport rock throwers memorize their faces on security cameras if they are found in Israel again…ten years in solentary confinement with no fun in prison:no gym no tv no college no contact with other prisoners…they will never want to be in prison again!!!

  10. when an arab kills a jew or stabs a jew runs over a jew (ie trys to kill or does kill a jew) then 100 arabs in prison for violent crimes should be executed !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and one square block of land in Jerusalem should be emptied of arabs and they should be deported to arab countries and again their face memorized by security cameras if found back they get ten years in prison solentary confinement. NOW the world will call Israel…DIRTY JEWS…………but the arabs will have NEW respect for ISRAEL….and violence will become much much much LESS….
    also all arabs to hurt jews should be executed and fed to pigs or buried with pigs (whatever is most horrible to them) so they will NEVER want that to happen to them so they will stop killing jews davening in shul and stop running over jews and stop blowing up buses!!! you can find the body parts of suicide arab bombers and feed it to pigs…they will FEAR this and stop committing suicide….I am not wrong…try it and see! or do what you do now…basically cry at the funerals of the dead jews and that's all you do

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