Photo Credit: Yonatan SIndel / Flash 90
Medics arrive at Shaare Zedek Medical Center. (file)

Reminiscent of the Arab sniper fire in Hebron that killed baby Shalhevet Pass in March 2001, the Arab sniper fire that wounded 2 Jewish tourists during Sukkot of 2001, and the Arab sniper fire which killed an IDF soldier on Sukkot 2013, Arab snipers shot 2 Jewish teenagers in Hebron on Friday afternoon, just after Shabbat began.

Like previous times, the attack happened near the Tomb of the Patriarchs, Ma’arat HaMachpelah, where thousands of Jews were visiting on Shabbat for the annual Parshat Chayei Sarah gathering.


The two Jews who were hit, a 16-year-old teenager, was seriously wounded with gunfire to the chest, while a second Jewish 18-year-old teen, was lightly injured.

Just after Shabbat, it was announced that the seriously wounded boy’s condition have improved from serious to moderate.

Later, on Friday evening, a soldier was seriously wounded by gunfire from the Beit Anun neighborhood of Hebron. The soldier is in serious condition, and the hospital says his life is still in danger. The sniper was captured.

A fourth soldier was also shot and wounded, but from an accidental shooting.

In addition Arabs in Hebron threw stones at civilians, and generally rioted.

TPS contributed to this report.


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  1. These are facts that hurt. During the lst infintada(sp), I bleive there were less than ten Israelis who lost their lives and close to 650 Palestinians. The odds are better when there are individual attacks and strike more fear into the minds and hearts of the Israelis people.
    That it is all fine if you're just looking at the numbers, but as we all know the PR campaign is what counts – sad that lives don't score as well. At this juncture in this new Palestinian campaign, the media may be a step behind the Palestinian cause as the try to figure out how to spion this against the Israelis. Give them time and I'm sure the Jews will come out on the wrong side on this one.
    When the Palestinians were shooting 'brainlees' rockets into Israel, it was comparatively like neolithic people with bows and arrows. I think a good visual perception of that occurs in the movie Avatar. The Jews could never win that argument, but this one they just might be able to stay abreast with the Palestinians.
    I keep trying to think of a way the Palestinians can pivot on there present fatal melee against Jews and create a situation that entraps the Israelis government into a situation where many Palestinians are killed at once. I thought using the young teens might work, but apparently that propaganda fuse never lit. It may be that the Palestinians are no longer like grass – needing mowing now and then.
    With a change in tactic, overtime, the may succeed in a way not now seen.

  2. these killings and attempted killings and serious woundings will continue forevery until and unless ISRAEL wakes up and shows toughness….it can be stopped in days……..
    in no special order:
    1)all rock throwers and violent arabs and terrorists and stabbers and bombers and runover with cars etc….. should be executed with one week (not 50 years) and their bodies or at least brain or heart fed to pigs…their bodies should not be buried in Israel.
    2)their homes and homes of relatives should be handed over to jews and the occupants deported out of israel forever
    3)all rock throwers and other violent arabs who do not kill or seriously wound a jew shoud be deported for life….with their dna fingerprints blood and computerized facial features all taken by israel…if round in israel again they go to solitary confinement for ten years.
    4)solitary confinement should be 20 by 20 (or smaller) foot cell with no cellmates no tv no phone no computer no weights….just BORDOM they will NOT want to ever come back to those cells once their ten years is up. THEY NEVER LEAVE CELL>>>>shower and bath in cell fed in cell not in lunchroom. NO GYM no outside nor friends….just cell.
    5)all arab prisoners who have done violence should be in solitary confinement!!!
    6)every time a jew is killed or nearly killed (hurt bad) ONE arab per killed or BADLY hurt jew should be executed from jail, plus the actual arab who did the shooting or stabbing or runover or bombing should be executed within one week!
    7)every time a killing of a jew…ONE block of arab houses should be turned over forever to jews and the arabs in those houses deported.
    8)all tax money collected for arabs should be used to give millions of dollars to victims and their families
    9)Gaza….all shipments from Israel and water and electric shoujld be cut off and stopped ONE day for each Jew that is killed by an ARAB terrorist act (stabbing/shooting runover bombing etc)
    THE TERRORISM WILL STOP SO FAST>>>>first the arabs will check and make sure you REALLY DID THE ABOVE STUFF THEN they will complain to UN and USA and EUROPE to see if Israel can be forced to stop….and if Israel says it's our country we do what we have to do….then the TERRORISM will stop and be replaced by horrible name calling and newspaper articles and protests…..
    but all NONVIOLENT!!! they will be afraid to be violent anymore if you really carrry out what i suggested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we have all seen arabs carrying bodies and hearts cut out of jews who wanderred into arab areas be mistake….but NO USA or EUROPEAN news media shows that nor talks about it

  3. it is time to complete the population transfer (ethnic cleansing, if you must) that started almost 70 years ago. Arabs out of Israel. To think of it, some 40 years ago a KM suggested this idea already. He was summarily expelled from Knesset … Apparently it is OK in Israel for a KM to call for violence against the Jews, but it is not ok to call for a resettlement of the Arabs in Arab countries. Not sure who it is that claims that the Jews are smart.

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