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Border Police killed a Palestinian Authority terrorist driver who rammed his car into civilians in Samaria.

Border Police shot and killed a Palestinian Authority terrorist after he rammed his car into a group of civilians at the Tapuach junction in northern Samaria around 9:30 a.m. Sunday.

The victims were at a bus stop-hitchhiking station on Highway 60, and the immediate area of the road has been closed while the IDF searches the area for other possible terrorists or bombs.


Two victims, who suffered serious to very serious injuries, were evacuated to a Jerusalem hospital by helicopter. Two others, including a pregnant woman, suffered lighter injuries.

The massive deployment of soldiers and Border Police throughout Judea and Samaria allowed a quick response that eliminated the terrorist.

Palestinian Authority violence continues to run wild in Judea and Samaria awhile having dramatically subsided elsewhere.

One person was wounded by a rock-throwing terrorist near Beitar Illit, in western Gush Etzion, Sunday morning.

On Saturday, Jewish motorists near the southern Hebron Hills community of Tene-Omarim, north of Be’er Sheva, escaped injuries from a Molotov cocktail.

Soldiers searched the area and uncovered a cache of firebombs and a pile of rocks that local Palestinian Authority Arabs had prepared for more attacks.



  1. So much! How do you stab a human being in cold blood? How do you drive your car AT people, hoping to kill and maim them? The hsata-hatred is beyond all human bounds; it is deeply abnormal and inhuman. The culture that nurtures this kind of hatred and rewards it financially, as heroes, celebrating in the streets with sweets, names streets after killers – is as abnormal as Hitler and his buddies were. Such cold hatred comes from the pit of hell.

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