Dozens of illegal African infiltrators have voluntarily left Israel for Sweden with a $3,500 government grant, the Interior Ministry said Tuesday. The move was coordinated with the Swedish government and the United Nations Commission on Refugees, which has criticized Israel for not allowing the infiltrators to remain.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu emphasized on Monday that Israel is taking care of all refugees as required by international law but that every African looking for work in Israel is not a refugee.


Meanwhile, African infiltrators continued their protests in Tel Aviv for the third consecutive day and thousands of them staged a protest march on Tuesday from Levinsky Park to Rabin Square.

Approximately 150 protesters are on their second day of a hunger strike at the Sahaornim detention center in the Negev.


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  1. Once again, I ask how did these Africans get to Israel, why Israel of all places. Could it be the leftist so called Jews enticing them to come so there will be more muslims than Jews.

  2. Refugees or invaders? The people of south Tel Aviv are scared to death of these Muslim invaders because of the crime and sexual assaults they commit. It's time to remove them and if the Swedish want them then by all means, let them take them but no refunds and no returns.

  3. Did Sweden pay the $3500 or did it come from Israel or the blacks globally?
    Did Farakan, Sharpton donate anything to help these illegals? They always seem to cause Jewish problems and riots and in case of their brothers, they seem awfully quiet. I guess they don't want to rock the boat and connive funds for their personal use which they learned from Arafat.

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