by Zach Pyzer

The Dutch government issued a warning to any of its citizens heading to Judea and Samaria on Tuesday.


The document, published on the government’s website, claims that “settler violence” targets both Palestinians and foreign nationals alike.

Palestinian violence, however, was framed as “protesting the occupation,” and “aimed at Israelis.”

Yigal Dilmoni, Vice President of the Yesha Council of Jewish Settlements, said to the Tazpit News Agency on Wednesday that the Dutch statement was not only “one sided,” but amounted to a blood libel against Jews.

“Every day there are dozens of cases of stone throwing by Arabs against Israelis,” Dilmoni claimed. He also referred to Jonathan Palmer and Adele Biton, two Israeli children killed in separate Palestinian stone-throwing.

“Such statements from the Dutch government indicate a lack of understanding of the reality, and present just one side. That makes the Dutch government itself one-sided, and irrelevant in the region.”

In the past, many Palestinian terrorist attacks have resulted in Arab and foreign national casualties. 22 year-old Ecuadorian citizen Karen Yemima Muscara was killed in a car-ramming attack in Jerusalem, during October 2014.

Along with the Yesha Council, the warning also drew criticism from the Israeli embassy in Amsterdam. The embassy wrote in a statement, “It is not acceptable to tarnish the reputation of an entire community.”


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TPS - The Tazpit News Agency provides news from Israel.