Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash90
A Gazan man buys goats and sheep at a local cattle market in the southern Gaza Strip. October 01, 2014.

Okay, how do we wrap our minds around this one?

The Palestinian Arab Ma’an news outlet reported on Tuesday, Dec. 1, that several Gazan wholesalers refused to import fruits and livestock coming from Israel.


Why? Is it because of the so-called Israeli “Occupation?” No. Is it because Israel cranks up the charges so that the Gazans cannot afford to purchase the goods coming from Israel? No.

The Gazans are refusing to make the purchases because of new and excessive taxes imposed by Hamas. That’s right. The murderous terrorist group Gazans voted into office are starving their own people by pricing goods beyond the financial ability of their people.

Hamas is imposing a hunger strike on their own citizens in Gaza.

In addition to the already existing 100 shekel import tax already imposed by Hamas’s Ministry of Finance, there was a new extra importation tax of 200 shekels to import calves, and 100 shekels to import sheep, according to a Gazan wholesaler interviewed by Ma’an.

The wholesaler, Abu Samra, said Gazan wholesalers would refuse to import the goods until the newly-levied taxes are rescinded.

These latest taxes follow an increase in taxes imposed in April, which were called a “Joint Responsibility” tax.


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