The Israeli government legal advisor, Yehuda Weinstein, has authorized the security forces to interrogate the captured Hamas terrorist under the “Ticking Bomb” protocol, in order to find the kidnapped boys before it is too late, according to a report on Israel Army Radio.

The “Ticking Bomb” protocol assumes that there is only a short amount of time to get information to prevent an imminent terrorist attack. As such, more aggressive interrogation methods are permitted, under the supervision of legal advisors.


According to a Walla report, the Shabak says they do not receive special permission for more aggressive interrogations. They follow the rules of what is allowed in interrogations, as set down by law, and the interrogations under the supervision of the government’s legal advisor.



  1. Why in the world would you post such an ugly untrue
    Picture? Seems to me we have enough enemies without
    Giving them reason to accuse and incite against us. Please remove this picture as soon as possible.

  2. Jewish Press – TAKE DOWN THIS PICTURE. it says nothing good about Israel and just gives the rest of the world something negative to say about Israel without having to "fabricate anything". The state department in what I think is their only statement on the matter told Israel to act with restraint.

  3. Get rid of the photo – it does nothing to make any of us safer, quite the contrary. They already believe this about Israel – now you’re giving them “proof”. I can’t believe you put this up. It’s worse than the true article by Yuri Yanover for which you wrongly fired him. Whoever put this up should be run out of the business.

  4. Really??? This is not helping anything. The USA have used far worse techniques of torture but they never revealed any of it to the public. Anyhow the scare of being blown up will not help with Muslims, they love it and do it to themselves to get to their 70 virgins

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