Photo Credit: U.S. State Department
Jen Psaki, smiling while parroting the Obama administration's "ridiculous"reaction to the acquittal of Mubarak on charges of murder.

In Wednesday’s press briefing, US State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki called for restraint on all side, during the search for the three kidnapped boys.

MS. PSAKI: Well, Said, we’ve been in touch with both the Israelis and the Palestinians throughout the course of the last several days since these teenagers were kidnapped. We know this is a difficult time obviously on the ground. We’ve urged continued security cooperation between the Israelis and the Palestinians in the search for the kidnapped teenagers. We were encouraged by President Abbas’s strong statement to the Arab and Islamic foreign ministers today in Saudi Arabia. But – and certainly as the search continues and in our conversations, we urge both sides to exercise restraint and avoid the types of steps that could destabilize the situation. And that’s a message that we are conveying in all of our conversations as well.

After 6 days, she also finally admitted that one of the kidnapped boys is an American citizen.

MS. PSAKI: We do, yes. So we can confirm that one of the kidnapped was an American citizen.


But after 6 days, Psaki doesn’t actually know his name.

QUESTION: Which one? MS. PSAKI: I believe his name has been reported. I don’t have it in front of me right now.

The State Department still believes that paying the PA, which then pays Hamas had no influence in Hamas’s decisions (such as pulling their financial chestnuts out of the fire).

QUESTION: But there’s – numerous Israeli officials have said that the U.S. decision to work with and continue to fund the Palestinian government, the new unity government, is – contributes – contributed to this incident with the three – is it – am I correct in thinking that you still would reject such an allegation?

MS. PSAKI: Yes, that is correct.

Keep that certainty of hers in mind, while recalling that Ms. Psaki couldn’t even bother to learn the name of the kidnapped American boy.

It’s Naftali Frenkel.



  1. When the Ayatollahs took american hostages for 444 days over 30 years ago, I don't recall the US using words like restraint. How on earth did the American people elect Obama?

  2. He’s not a deserter, so he ranks even further down this Administration’s line of concern for it’s citizens. Hell, we have a Marine in a Mexican prison, so the life of a minor American citizen just doesn’t matter to them.

  3. Our American government currently does not consider the welfare of Jews or the Jewish state high on its agenda of priorities. High on the agenda is improving the relationship with Iran, Helping the Palestine Unity Government( Including Hamas ), and turning Iraq over to radical Islam,whether this is to Al Quida or Iran. It doesn't matter what the state dept says. It is usually distortions and lies for public consumption and bears little relation to reality.or the behavior of the US government.

  4. This is disgusting! Not to know the name of the American who has been kidnapped. I'm revolted by the lack of empathy for Israel. OBAMA YOU ARE FUNDING TERRORIST! If it your daughters, you would be doing EVERY THING possible to get them back! I'm glad I NEVER voted for you, at least I don't have that on my conscious. One question, how do you sleep at night knowing you side with murdering terrorists?

  5. Restrain of what,USA is poking its nose where it does not belong.Israel can not depend on any body,israeli can not trust any body.Kerry is trying like senator Mitchell and anaconda Liza rice ….cooking rice every where….kill them all.

  6. Restrain of what,USA is poking its nose where it does not belong.Israel can not depend on any body,israeli can not trust any body.Kerry is trying like senator Mitchell and anaconda Liza rice ….cooking rice every where….kill them all.

  7. By releasing the Taliban 5, Obama has unleashed the worst possible terrorists on the world! We can all say what an idiot he is but I think the real action should be Criminal charges against Obama! G-d forbid an attack happens again on American soil, which will surely be worse than 911 and attacks all over the world, Obama should go on Trial for crimes against humanity! He knew what he was doing when he released the Taliban 5! It was all political & backfired. Now, he places the entire world at greater risk than ever before! He is a criminal!

  8. The three-finger salute is inciting and disgusting to all decent people in the world. Only an armchair statesmen would be indifferent to the agony of others and calling the shots from the comfort of their luxurious living rooms thousands of miles away from danger. Newsflash America, it is Israel whom G-d will one day defend as the apple of his eye – not you…Think about it….You justify the wicked, protect and provide them the tools for more injustice when you should be opposing THEM – not ISRAEL. Shalom.


  10. "we urge both sides to exercise restraint and avoid the types of steps that could destabilize the situation. "

    What baloney. It was the so called palestinains who did the kindnapping.
    Did they show restraint? Israelis turning over stone to find them.
    Since when is that not restraint. And how could the State Dept not know the names of the boys.

    Ms Psaki is the dummy puppet and horse faced Kerry is the dummy pipeteer.

  11. America did so restraint when the hostages were kidnapped at the embassy in Iran. I believe that restraint led to the emboldiment of the nacent terror networks. Had we given them 48 hours to let them go or delcare it a war on America and began moving our forces into place to level Tehran things would have been completely different. Negotiating with terrrorists leads to worse terror. In this case we have children involved. Every Arab city in the West Bank should be closed. Electricity should be cut off and because Hamas is now a part of the government with the PA every PA member of their government should be placced under arrest.

  12. Abe Murray Zelcer Jews In Name Only who are brainwashed from birth to vote DemocRAT even though the DemocRATs have stuck it to the Jews for a long time.
    Anyone Jewish who voted for this Muslim has lost their Jewish head filled it with liberalism.

  13. The Obama administration must realise what utter jerks they appear to be. Therefore, they must believe they can do no wrong in the lackluster eyes of the American people. These are those who continue to believe in the humbug Wizard of Oz after the curtain has been pulled back.

  14. Because the alternative was electing Romney which seemed like it would be a total disaster. It's difficult to elect a brilliant leader for our country when there is none listed on the ballot!

  15. Don't forget that the alternative to electing Obama was electing Romney who seemed like a total clueless idiot at election time. Hindsight is 20/20 but as I said before, it's difficult to elect a good President when no good candidates are running for the office

  16. irisheyes490 You are biased. Romney is a decent family man and highly successful in business. A country 17 trillion in debt if it were intelligent would vote for the businessman and not a person who probably doesn't even know how to write a check.

  17. The Obama Administration has downgraded its relationship with Israel and it shows. Jews who voted for Obama will be disheartened even disgusted.

    Anything Abbas says is to be taken with a grain of salt. In entering into government with Hamas he knew what he was buying into and the kidnappings were the opening shots.

    Israel needs to replace the Palestinian Authority with a different form of government in Arab municipalities – breaking it up into self governing entities ultimately subject to Israeli control such as dismissal for abuse of office, corruption, failure to maintain civil order etc.

  18. I am disgusted with the behavior of the Obama administration. I am so sorry he has decided to engage in traitorous behavior and to ignore his responsibilities to Israel as well as the American people.

  19. Forget about the US Government. The Jews of America do not care about Jews anywhere in the world especially the State of Israel. It is time that the Jews of America took the lead from the Evangelicals in their support of the State of Israel, and stop their false Messiah from doing more eveil.

  20. Don't hold your breath waiting for Obama to claim, that "anyone of these boys could be my son". Why would anyone think that an AMERICAN Citizen is worth protecting and fighting for (ask the dead of Benghazi). Don't hold your breath waiting for the world to condemn the actions of violent adults perpetrated on our innocent youth. Don't hold your breath waiting for the world to step up to the plate. show concern for Jewish blood. or even think it important enough to know the name of the child. The world is watching the responses of governments…and are taking note that there is so outcry, no condemnation and no universal call to return the boys. Their supposition that the world does not care has been validated. It is now open season???

  21. Well said Gil Gilman!!! Your view of the Obama administration is exactly right! I especially like your comment saying,"There are those who continue to believe in the humbug Wizard of Oz after the curtain has been pulled back." Yes, even after the curtain has been pulled back!

    Obama and Psaki's attitude regarding the kidnapped boys is disgraceful, frustrating and embarrassing.

  22. By not showing anger and concern about these kidnapped boys, and by not taking immediate action, Obama is encouraging more acts of terror. Terrorists read the passive behavior of the White House as weakness and they love to strike while they think the enemy is weak. As long as the Obama administration is in the White House, Israeli and US citizens are not safe. The complacent attitude at the White House is perilous.

  23. I think Obama is more than a criminal. I think the enemy is in the White House. His choices demonstrate whose side he is on and he is NOT on the side of Israel or even on the side of his own US citizens! Again–the enemy is in the White House!!

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