Hadassah New Zealand is planning to raise funds for the Rozana Project by participating in the March 2014 Jerusalem marathon and generating donations from sponsors in New Zealand and Israel, J-wire reported.

Tali Dowek, the Director of Hadassah’s Department of Development, Donors & Events, said that since the launch of the Rozana Project, about 2 years ago, Australia Hadassah and Anglican Aid have raised US$100,000.


She explained that the funds raised were in a special account at Hadassah Jerusalem and was intended to be used for three main purposes:

1. Support for Palestinian Arab children requiring specialized medical treatment at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.

2. Support for Palestinian Arab doctors doing a residency at Hadassah. This spans 4 to 5 years and the annual cost to train each resident is approx. US$70,000

3. To provide short term training at Hadassah for Palestinian Arab doctors and medical experts in specific fields such as outpatient psychological/psychiatric clinics and associated disciplines.



  1. Fools. These arab children will grow up to be arab terrorists. Are these Jews blind to what's going on in the world. They should support Jewish children in Israel. arabs are the enemy. Would they have supported nazi children during WWII?

  2. Do they think this will make the so-called "Palestinians" love them? Why give comfort to the enemy when the enemy will do nothing good with it, but will use it against you? Shame on them. Let them raise funds for Jewish children, not the ones who would kill Jewish children. Hadassah's false mercy sickens me. They will get NOTHING from me.

  3. Jacques Daniel. the Hadassah New Zealand Fund should Keep the Money ; and when the Palestinians make Peace then you could use the money to help them. ,As long as they get Money from Europe the united Nation, and all the rest they will never make any kind of Peace.

  4. Yitzhak Treister
    You guys really dont get it. Firstly as Jews we have a torah responsibility for our fellow humans. Look at this weeks Parsha and see how we need to behave to "the stranger "because we were strangers in Egypt". I agree this wouldnt be the first cause I would "run" to be a part of however I certainly see the tremendous public relations aspect of it.The Jews heal there "potential enemy" while the Arabs kill their own!!! I also realize that this stuff happens anyway so why not help it to help us. You know what else,
    peace is made between people and not slogans. How about all you critics out there shutting up and joining the run

  5. I wander when are we going to stop being complete fools. Can somebody tells me about any Arab organization collecting money to help any Jewish children? What we are doing is helping these children tomorrow terrorists. Arab Palestinians should go to be trained anywhere in the world, lets train our own doctors who are busy savings Jewish life from terrorists.

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