Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

Khaled al-Hur (22), a member of Hamas military wing was killed today when the terror tunnel he was in collapsed, according to tweets by reporters Gal Berger and Khaled Abu Toameh.

The tunnel was located near Gaza city.



  1. Isn't this hysterical? The wayward tunnel digger whose
    Intent was to MURDER JEWS died in a work
    related accident.
    What is wrong w the Israeli media? Why is this issue
    treated as if it's one big joke?
    This is no less then an act of war! What is so hard to
    G-d forbid they are successful .. Then what!!!!
    Maybe a chest pounding speech by BiBi?
    They are digging tunnels to MURDER Jews. Remove
    That asinine picture! We look like fools!

  2. Paul Freund Water big deal. What will it do wet him up to his arm pits. With water mabey it will celapse mabey it will not. Pump it full of natural gas from Israel's new well; then ignite it. It wouls colapse the tunnel. The blast at the far end would show where it was started from. Natural gas is oderless sothere will be no warning. When you smell natural gas in your home it is because of a chemical added as a safety measaure.

    Toward the end if the Viet Nam War the USA did this with acetalean gas.

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